View Full Version : Water Filtering/Softening in Elkhart

05-23-2009, 01:41 AM
For those planning to be in the Elkhart area prior to the Goshen Rally, we strongly recommend your use of water filter and softening system and bring some extra filters.

We use a three-filter system (two charcoal and one ceramic) plus a water softener unit because of the hard water and problems with "red bloom" in the Elkhart city water. We have been here since 4/21 and are on our third set of filters! J.D. changed the filters Thursday evening after only one week's use. The first filter was completely clogged and being bypassed. The second one was close to being completely clogged. There was a lot of red coloring and other debri in all three filters.

The softener unit prevents skin from becoming too dry and itchy because you use less soap than with hard water. Washer doesn't take as much detergent product either when water is soft.

We also use a Brita pitcher to filter water in the kitchen to use for making tea and coffee, cooking, and filling the cat's water fountain.

Since Goshen is in fairly close proximity to Elkhart, I would err on the side of caution and be prepared to use filters and softener unit at the Fairgrounds. :rolleyes:

Another thought: always carry spare anode rod. We changed the anode rod in March after being in the coastal bend of Texas. Checked it couple of days ago and it is about 1/2 used up already. Now that is an item we keep on our frequent maintenance list.