View Full Version : You Meet the Nicest People in a Heartland

06-07-2009, 07:46 PM
Just a little play on the old Honda ad "you meet the nicest people on a Honda" for those of you old enough to remember that ad a few plus years ago...

On my way back from Richmond today (on my Honda by the way) I stopped by American Heritage Campground in Willamsburg and met Guy and Debra Funderburg our Virginia Chapter Leaders. Super nice people.

Gus had posted on the forum they were going to be there this weekend and for anyone in the area to stop by and say Hi. So I did. I'm glad I did. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for Gus they are staying an extra day to drop off their Sundance tomorrow on their way home for some warranty work. Gave me a chance to meet them.

Really nice to put a face with a name. Even got to meet their Grandson Luke who was spending the weekend with them.

Just wanted to say Gus and Debra...thanks for putting the welcome mat out. Look forward to seeing you in September at the Virginia Fall Rally.


06-08-2009, 08:03 PM
Thanks Keith, it was a real pleasure meeting up with you. Like you said, it's always nice to put a name with a face. Keith was on his way back from a charity motorcycle event and it was nice of him to stop by and say hello. My grandson thought Keith's bike was "awesome". Hopefully everyone can see some pictures's of "Santa's Motorcycle" at the fall rally:).

We dropped the Sundance off at the dealer today. It'll be a week before they can start work, but I couldn't see driving right past the dealer, going 60 more miles, and then bringing it back next week for our service appointment. Don't know what's broken inside the landing gear yet, but they think even if they have to replace the entire inner gear system, it won't take long to repair (fingers crossed).