View Full Version : Window valance swapping?

06-09-2009, 11:02 AM
Since I am fulltime in my 07 Grand Canyon, of course I have decorated and matched the valances and had a custom Lazy-z-boy recliner made, etc...
My question is: if and when I get a new unit, can I assume that the windows are the same size and would I be able to swap my Mohave Desert valances around the windows in the 07 model before the insurance company has it picked up with the ones out of the new unit so I can keep my color scheme in the living/dining area? I really don't like the pattern on the Godiva decor as it will clash with my pattern on my recliner and I will have to hope that my couch will come as a solid leather! I also had removed the wall border on my unit which I will do if the factory insists on putting it on after I tell them I don't want it! :rolleyes:

Maybe the factory has some Mohave Desert valances laying around from the older decor?????!!!!!!!!!!