View Full Version : Rally Thank Yous

06-19-2009, 09:22 AM
Hey everyone,

Successful rallies don't just happen. They are planned and they are executed. In addition to the success that attendees make it, another huge key to success is a volunteer army. And we had a big one!

I'd like to take this time to thank my volunteers. I am probably forgetting a few of you and for this, I apologize.

The rally would not have succeeded without the help of these folks:

Marv and Karen Osborn
Badges, door prize tickets, parking, deliveries and general purpose.
John and Sue Morgan, Karen Young/Bill Parent, Don and Janet Robbins
Food! Planning, shopping, organizing. Coffee service, table service, catering coordination, cleanup and more.

Chuck Batcke
Rally Service Request coordination. Months of work.

Ken and Kathy Adams
Rally packet coordination, Heartland Marketplace booth layout.

Michael Kidd
A/V systems, technical sessions and Club sign-ups.

Terry Hershberger
Technical session.

Evans Waller
Parking Lead.

Mark Comer
Signage placement, coordinator of the For Sale table and general utility.

Tom Atkinson
Door Prize table and general utility.

Rick Jagelio and Blanca Forth

Thank you also to everyone who grabbed a garbage can to clean up, grabbed a golf cart to help park and just jumped in and did whatever needed to get done.