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07-05-2009, 10:00 AM
Howdy all!!

Well I like to say we're off to a great start with our new unit but in only one week's time since we picked it up (6/27/09) we've had several issues - the lastest being a big water leak at the rear window. Our first clue should have been during the PDI when I noticed the hinges on the pop up section for the TV were rusted! We were told "not sure why that would happen"....ahhh metal-water=Rust. We just had another downpour of rain yesterday and luckily it was at home and not in storage so I decided to go out and check it to see if I can find the leak. Happy 4th of July for us. There was water all over the countertop :( and the border paper is bubbled now. My husband looked at it when he got home and to our amazement the window frame has been installed UPSIDE DOWN! The drain holes are at the top. We are not happy campers at all. This is our 4th unit and the worst with issues we've encountered so far.

We're addressing minor issues but those we can deal with. My new microwave also looks like someone cleaned it with a brillo pad - it's all scratched up.

I'm calling my General Manager today since he's cell number is on his business card to see if we can dropped it off there today as we're expecting more rain and we both work and have meetings Monday morning - totally inconvenient.

Should we be concerned about Mold now? I'm sure it's been leaking since it left the factory. I just can't believe this.


EDIT - we do love the decor (Harvest) and layout though :).

07-05-2009, 01:00 PM
Very sorry to hear about this situation. I wouldn't be concerned about mold as you caught this very quickly. Just be sure to completely dry out the area around and inside the TV cabinet.

The dealer should be able to remedy this problem quickly by reinstalling the window properly and border can be replaced easily...had to to it myself, it's a snap.

I would, however, let Heartland know about this. This is a quality control issue that needs to be addressed on their end. If they don't know it's happened, they can't make sure it doesn't occur again.

07-05-2009, 02:17 PM
Thanks for the reply and glad to hear the border is easy to replace. I did hear back from the General Manager today and we're dropping it off tomorrow morning. He even called me back while he was on vacation. He's a really very nice guy, as was our salesman. Aside from the issues we're having, our experience with the people at the place we bought it from has been outstanding I have to say, even down to the finance guy :). Now we'll see how the service end of it goes. I expect it to all work out in the end. It's just frustrating. The inside of the TV area does appear to be dry (this time) - just glad we caught it yesterday.

I also emailed Heartland last night and will follow-up with a phone call to them tomorrow.