View Full Version : Insuring Your RV

05-31-2006, 10:29 PM
Insuring Your RV. It is important to know what your policy covers. The trailer is insured for physical damage and there are three options available. The first is the most common, it is ACV or actual cash value, the next is agreed value and the last is total loss replacement.

The best and most expensive is total loss replacement, which provides you with a brand new model year RV if yours is totaled, even if yours is 4 years old. The next best is agreed value that will pay on a total loss the limit you are insuring it for, which can be important if your loan amount is close to the value of your RV. The last is actual cash value, which is the current market value of your RV. This is how most vehicles are insured, and the least expensive. What kind of coverage do you have?

Other things that you might want to check on your policy are the attached accessories; ladder, antenna, awning. The personal property in your RV should be insured for replacement cost coverage and the limit can normally be increased. The last coverage that I want to mention is towing and road side assistance. Shop for the best price and coverage!