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06-06-2006, 09:44 AM
Okay, not you yourself, but how much does your truck and trailer weigh? How is your side-to-side load balanced. What about your front and rear axle weights - are they close?

At the 2006 International Heartland Owners Rally, 80% (20 of 25) of our rigs were weighed. As soon as I get a dump of that data (I will not have access to names - it will all be anonymous), I will post it here in this new forum.

Later, I will scan my weight report as done by Stacey and Gail Frank of Weigh-It (http://weighit.tripod.com/) and attach it to this post.

For now, here’s a summary of my data:

Truck - 2005 Dodge RAM 3500 (without trailer):
Steer Axle: 4,375 (2,175 driver’s side + 2,200 passenger side)
Drive Axle: 3,525 (1,725 driver’s side + 1,800 passenger side)
Truck Total: 7,900

Truck (with trailer attached):
Steer Axle: 4,400 (2,200 driver’s side + 2,200 passenger side)
Drive Axle: 7,425 (3,700 driver’s side + 3,725 passenger side)
Truck Total: 11,825

Trailer - 2005 Heartland Mt Rushmore:
Pin: 3,925
Front Axle: 6,075 (3,150 off-door side + 2,925 door side)
Rear Axle : 6,000 (3,075 off-door side + 2,925 door side)
Trailer total: 16,000

Rig (GCW – Gross Combination Weight):
Truck: 7,900
Trailer: 16,000
Total: 23,900

With no load in or on the bed of my truck, the back end is very light – 850 pounds lighter than the front

With the trailer on the truck, my steer axle increases by only 25 pounds. Nice to know the headlights aren’t in the trees when towing.

Loaded as I was with stuff in the tanks (could not dump before we hit the road) and extra stuff for the rally, I was 325 pounds over the truck's 11,500 GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). Assuming 11,500 is a conservative rating and knowing I will rarely have that much extra stuff with me, I feel okay about it.

I have a very heavy pin weight (3,925) compared to the first time I traveled with the trailer after our initial loading at 3,240. So I now carry another 685 pounds of stuff that is pin weight affecting (storage slide-out, 2 outdoor recliners, baby Q Grill, 2 satellite dishes, dog pen, water filters, more hoses of all kinds etc., etc.).

At 16,000 pounds total trailer weight, I am “at” the trailer’s GVWR. I used to be at 15,080. So here again, in addition to rally specific items this trip, I have added 920 pounds of stuff to the trailer. All the above mentioned items plus more clothes, more dishes, more appliances, more entertainment and computer equipment are contributors.

Loaded and hooked up, ready to go, my trailer is 375 pounds heavier on the off-door side. Being heavy on that side with all the kitchen stuff (appliances, Corian, etc.), plus the entertainment stuff and I knew I would be heavy there. I am pretty happy with only a 375 pound variance. That said, I will consider how I can rebalance things a little bit.


06-06-2006, 02:35 PM
Hey Jim,
Do you want me to post my results or will you get them all from Stacey?

06-06-2006, 02:42 PM
Hi Mark,

Your choice. The data I will get from Stacey will not be as detailed as what we each get and it will not have names on it (which is fine). Feel no pressure to single yourself out.


06-06-2006, 06:10 PM
Loaded and ready to camp

Truck (without trailer):
Steer Axle: 3880
Drive Axle: 3040
Truck Total: 6920

Truck (with trailer attached):
Steer Axle: 3960
Drive Axle: 5600
Truck Total: 9566

Pin: 2560
Axles: 10820
Trailer total: 13460

Rig (GCW Gross Combination Weight):
Truck: steer 3960
drive 5600
Trailer: 13460
Total: 20380

Ray LeTourneau
06-06-2006, 09:31 PM
Hi Heartland Folks,
Not having our trailer yet and reading the variety of posts in general throughout the forum, I have a question or more regarding trailer weights. How accurate are the weights that are posted in the current brochure and on the web. Does anyone have a new version of the Bighorn 3400rl and have they had it scaled yet? We are getting a few options the heaviest being the thermo windows. We are losing a few pounds by removing the 27" TV and adding a 32" LCD. No fireplace. No bedroom air. The reason for my concern is we intend to keep our Silverado 2500HD. It has the 8.1, Allison and 4:10 gears. So far I've added an Airaid intake kit and throttle body spacer. Towing our existing Jayco 28.5 RKS (approx 8200#) is a breeze. I'm hoping it will handle the Bighorn without major issues. Generally we pack pretty light. Very seldom carry much fresh water and always dump the grey and black tanks before heading down the road.
Air bags could be added if need be to keep the headlights out of the trees.
Thoughts anyone? Thanks

06-06-2006, 10:39 PM
Hi Ray,

Attached is the Trailer Life 2006 Towing Ratings for many tow vehicles. Your truck should be listed. This will give you a sense of what you can pull.

Congrats on your Bighorn order.


06-07-2006, 08:33 AM
Hi to all Heartland Owners & Wannabes. Thanks to Jim for the invite to join your forum. It was a pleasure meeting the rally attendees & we hope to see all of you On The Road.

We believe it preferable for those individuals who wish to, to post their own specifics on a public forum. I don't mind giving averages & percentages for folks to contemplate. We did weigh 80% of the attendees, but that gives us only a small sample of data. Now, maybe after NEXT year's rally, we'll be able to list more specifics, such as model number, etc.

In the meantime, here's some numbers for your viewing pleasure:

Of the 20 RV's we weighed:
65% (13/20) RV tires were underinflated.
80% (16/20) were over the tow vehicle GVWR.
25% (5/20) were over the tow vehicle tire capacity.
Average pin weight was 3092. Range from 2200 to 3925. Lower numbers were on the shorter (34ft) Big Horns.
50% (10/20) of the tow vehicles were 3/4 ton, 2500 or F250's. Only 1--10% was under the truck GVWR...90% (9/10) were over GVWR.
40% (8/20) of the RV's had ST tires. These are Special Trailer tires & are speed rated at 65 m.p.h.---they are not designed to go faster than 65.

We are not the 'weight-police'. We only report data for you to make an informed decision as to what is safe for you & your family. Every truck at the rally apparently successfully pulled their trailer there & even stopped it a few times on the way in.

We would be happy to try to answer any question.

Stacey & Gail Frank
Portable RV Scales

06-07-2006, 01:17 PM
I went ahead and scanned my form from Weigh-It.

06-10-2006, 02:59 PM
Full timing now close to two years...

I have avoided the weight issue till this year. Always saying when I ever do... we go next to the Dumpster !!

We attended a Rally in Chico California in April.
The day before we left we had the truck weighed.
When we left the rally we had our trailer and truck weighed.
(We are not yet an owner of a Heartland Product)

The results are as follows.

2002 Chevy 2500HD Duramax Ext. Cab Long bed (truck only)
Axle Left Side Right Side Axle Load

Front:..... 2150 ------- 2100 ------- 4250
Rear:...... 1900 ------- 1700 --------3600
GVW: Total Axle Load:--------------- 7850

Truck with trailer attached
Axle Left Side Right Side Axle Load

Front:..... 2200 ----- 2000 --------- 4200
Rear:...... 3650 ------3400 --------- 7050
Total Axle Load: ------------------- 11250

31RL Single Slide - Challenger By Damon (trailer only)
Axle Left Side Right Side Axle Load

Front:..... 2150 ------ 2150 ------- 4300
Rear:...... 3650 ----- -3400 ------- 5125
Total Axle Load: ------------------ 11250

Truck With Trailer: ---------------- 11250
Truck Only : ............................. - 7850

Hitch Pin Weight: ......................... 3400

GCW: (gross Combined Weight) ----- 12,825

After this being done... Our rig went on a diet !
I removed some things... Karen removed some things...
we have more to dispose of.... never ending battle ! !

I also had a tire issue which was repaired at a shop in Oregon. The axle alignment was off on both axles. Tires were wearing badly. That is now corrected by replacment of spring shackles and pins and re-alignment of both axles. Shakle Pins can now be greased.

07-25-2007, 03:44 PM
Smokey, I think you need to revisit your figures. If your truck is 7850 and your hitch weight is 3400 (which = 11,250) I guarantee you your trailer weighs more than 1575# :) Looking at your figures it seems more like your GCWR is 22,500 but it seems odd that your truck axles and your trailer axles are at 11,250. But stranger things have happened.

07-25-2007, 05:44 PM
Looks like what is missing (or what is shown is incorrect) is the actual weight of the trailer, or it's axle weights. Doesn't seem right that there is a 2800# difference between the f/r trailer axles. I hope that the tires are G rated with that rear axle load. Also, the GCW would be the truck weight, pin weight, and trailer axle weight combined. What is shown is way, way off. I weigh more than that with an empty utility trailer. Also odd that the r/f truck axle actually lost weight when hooked up to the trailer, while the l/f gained slightly. Seems like the hitch would have to be off-center to the left and about centered over the rear axle front to back. The left side of the truck is usually heavier because of the fuel tank placement. Or, the scales are just messed up and the numbers are wrong altogether.