View Full Version : M18 Bunk maybe not rated properly

08-22-2009, 08:33 PM
The M18 Bunk states a limit of 100 lbs. Our lightest daughter is 85 lbs and she has been using that since our other daughter is pushing the limit of the bunk.

After the first couple uses we noticed the screen under the bunk wouldn't raise all the way. I thought it was because my wife kept forgetting to hold the screen when unclipping it from the shade. Today when I went to try and fix it, I noticed the cover was sagging from the bunk above and that is what was prevent it from rolling up.

This bunk while I appreciate the intent of it isn't very well thought through IMHO. I am posting this in the hopes you can find either a better support method to make it hold 100 lbs or maybe re rate it.

I had already planned on modifying this but I had hoped to wait and make it a winter project. Now I don't feel comfortable waiting.

I have sent for 1 1/2 " aluminum tubing pricing and now plan on making the hideaway bunk permanent. I am thinking of making two rectangular supports to go around each of the windows and then a rectangular frame with cross supports to make the bed frame frame on top of that. I'll powder coat the frames beige or black (courtesy of a friend of mine) then cover it with 1/4 ply and 1/8 panel on the bottom. I figure I can make it larger as well and figure it will be able to hold 2 kids above.

Thoughts or suggestions on this design. My only concern at this point is how much the structure the main bed can hold.at just the 2 ends - I'd rather not have to make cross runners at the bottom as the angles will be inconvenient and it won't look as good.

Other than this irritating factor I love our Edge though.