View Full Version : Winter outdoor uncovered storage

09-22-2009, 11:27 AM
After searching many posts/threads, I'm still on the fence about leaving the 35DSRL outside, uncovered for the winter. From a financial aspect, it's a "win", but from a maintenance aspect, it could lead to further repairs that cost more than the storage.
I have a safe place next to the house that'd free.
Here's what I think will work:
1)winterize all lines with RV winterizing fluid
2)Blow out the lines/ leave open all low point drains ( includes washer lines)
3) Raise all tires off ground and lower onto plastic/wood to prevent direct contact with the ground
4) remove any valuables, including the TV ( I can use it in the house during the winter)
5) Wash roof and apply Dichor protectant
6) Cover just the A/C unit
7) Distribute dryer sheets throughout the inside
8) leave some moisture absorbent material inside throughout
9) Remove battery and put on the "battery minder" for the winter
10) remove any items that are subject to freezing from all compartments.

Please suggest further ideas......thanks

09-22-2009, 11:43 AM
I have never tried this but a friend of mine swears that if you scatter a little human hair around, you will never get mice. I only had trouble with mice one year and I much would've preferred the hair over the smell of moth balls.