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09-24-2009, 10:16 AM
Do you live in or know about a true "RV Community"?

Many of us dream of one day, selling our current homes and hitting the road. Some of us still want/need a home base of some sort. Or a place to spend the winter in. There are many communities all over North America that cater to the RVer - be they full-timers, any-timers or just snow birds.

Some of us are only in the research stage while many others are already living the life! Regardless of which stage you're in, please consider sharing your knowledge of these communities with us.

Use this forum to discuss RV Communities.

Start a New Thread for each new community. Have the community name and city/state/province in the thread title. Example: Gardens RV Village - Crossville, TN

In your thread, share with us what you know about the community. Some items people may be interested in:

Age of the community - when was it first developed
Type of RV community - lots only, lots and homes etc.
Home types/styles
Size of lots
Cost of lots
Cost of homes
Maintenance fees and what they include
Your experience with this community
Your recommendation of this community