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10-22-2009, 01:12 PM
On the 8th, my wife and I took off after work to head out to the beautiful mountains in Riudoso New Mexico. At a distance of 641 miles one way, this has been the longest trip we have made in our Sundance. And she pulled like a dream.

Only got about a hundred miles or so down the road before we pulled over in Ozona because of one hellofa storm. We didnt even bother to put the slides out, we just crawled into bed and snuggled down to let the lightning and thunder and rain pass us by.

The next morning we jumped up, had breakfast at a truckstop and headed to the mountains. Pulled in to Riudoso around 5 pm and found the Rainbow Cabins and Rv resort. Which turned out to be a very nice RV park. We were assigned a slot that backed up to the Carrizo Canyon Creek and the first thing I did after setup was open the back window and sat down to listen to the water rippling over some rocks. It was awesome.:)

We spent the weekend and most of the next week in Riudoso taking in first the Lincoln County Cowboy Symposium and then did a little hiking, shopping and touring around. About every couple of hours my wife or I would wonder outloud, "now what could I do for a living up here?"

But as with all good things, it was time to leave. And on Thursday the 15th we started loading up and then we had our first "oh, crap" of the trip. After I had hooked up to the truck, I was running the front legs up and at the top of the travel I heard a POP and looked at the far leg to watch it drop back down to the ground.

dam, dam double dam!!

I popped open the top cover of the doorside leg tube and i could reach in and move the bottom cog. I couldn't tell if the drive leg had broken or if a latch pin had come loose with all of the grease in it so I called Heartland.

While they were very helpful, getting Lippert on the line for a 3way call, finding the nearest repair center, they informed me that my warranty expired "last month".
*dam, dam double dam!!! Just my luck.
I decide to wire the leg up.(thank God i was raised in the country and know how to fix just about anything with bailing wire:D) and head back to Texas to let ExploreUSA in Bourne fix the leg.

Of course the wife said real sweetly as we were getting in the truck, "but i thought we would go home by way of College Station and see the twins"
How do you say no to that????
I thought a moment, (Ok maybe a little longer) and said no problem i will use a bottle jack under that side and we will be set. So a long drive to College Station, a great weekend with the youngest daughters and a mad dash home on Sunday.

On the way home on Sunday, the wife said, "just leave the trailer hooked up and I will take it to ExploreUSA on Monday and they can work on it." She did and I talked to them today and the Sundance should be ready to ride by next week.

Now,,,, where do i want to go next????

10-22-2009, 07:34 PM
Congrads.. You just learned the proper way to approach a problem.

Another Congrads for the DW driving to get it repaired..

Your doing good. Won't be long and you'll be full timin..


10-22-2009, 09:40 PM
was we left calgary with NO PLANS. I said we're heading north. After a while gail mentioned west, next interchange west it was. found a cg. spent the night and loaded the next day west to next juntion and north again. we did this for 3- 1/3 weeks. each with a turn for diff directions.

Spend 1 or 2 days, or overnight. and go. had the best time for hoildays.

seen a lot of alberta. this is the way we will be going once we RETIRE.

we will start at "which side of the border".

10-22-2009, 11:32 PM
Each year we select a destination. This year was Glacier National Park.. Then we take off and try to see things on the way. We Travel on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We stay at least 2 nights. If we like the place we stay a week. Only make reservations on Holiday weekends. Almost got stuck one year.