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KMA Dakota
07-11-2006, 07:08 PM
Hi Everyone,

Talk about NewBees and that would be my wife and I!! I am retiring from BMW NA, LLC as of Friday, July 21. We are selling the house and buying a Heartland Mount Rushmore and our son will be helping us with a Ford F450 Lariet Diesel Dully with towing package.

My wife and I were into Hamm Radio and will have to renew our licenses and are wondering how many Amateur Operators are out there and how they have set up thier rigs. I am thinking of a Dipole for HF and maybe a simple whip for 2 meters.

Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Pictures would be a very appreciated positive!!

Looking forward to a new life style,

My apologies for forgetting our Call Signs: Ken - KB2SGF and Annette KB2SGG both have expired but still within the 2 year grave period so we are sending in the FCC Forms for reinstatement! See ya down the road or hear ya on the air waves!

From: Two Tumbleweeds (My wife's Sign On - Tumbleweed) Blowing where ever the wind takes us!!!:D

Paul & Nan
07-11-2006, 09:00 PM
Hi folks, this is Paul (N9IX). u didnt include ur call signs on this particular message but thats ok. There is one other ham from Canada is our group but I have misplaced his call sign. I currently work on echolink and have an icom w32a HT for 2 meters/440. I also have a yeasu 8900 mobile quad band in our truck. Its good for 6,10, 2 and 70cm. havent mastered the 6 & 10 yet as i have the wrong antenna for all four bands. No pictures, sorry.

KMA Dakota
09-11-2006, 07:23 PM
Well folks, the FCC finally came through and we have our licenes back with our original Call Signs, KB2SGF for Me (Ken) and KB2SGG for Annette. Used my old Kenwood 2 Meter All mode and made a contact on an Old Repearter we used to use. Was a nice feeling!! Monitored a little hf as well but don't have a suitable antenna yet. That will come.

God Bless de KB2SGF were QRT

09-11-2006, 08:10 PM
Good to hear we have some hams who also have Heartland products.

I have been licensed since 1953 and my call is W8OLE. We had four hams in our family, my dad was W8TRM (my initials of all things), brother was W8IQZ, sister was K8CZO. I haven't been active on HF since about 1997 when my first wife passed away, but have been active on 2 meter FM mainly when traveling.

I agree that a simple 1/4 wave antenna for two meters in the trailer probably would be sufficient for when you're camping. There are so many 2 meter repeaters around the U.S. and Canada you should be in range of a few. For HF bands like 75, 40, 20 meters I used to use inverted "V" antennas as they were pretty easy to set up. I used to operate 10 meter SSB a lot and used 1/4 wave verticals which worked great when the band conditions were good. I've pretty much worked the world using them.

As to HF rigs, my suggestion would be to use any of the 12 VDC "mobile" type. That way if you didn't have AC power available you could still get on the air. Adding another battery to be used strictly for Ham Radio might be a good idea also.

Amateur Radio has been a great hobby for me for over 50 years and I've made many friends all over the world. If you're on the road in an area you aren't familiar with and you need help, you can usually find someone to help.

Tom - W8OLE

09-18-2006, 05:24 PM
VE7HRA up here in British Columbia. Yes I have radio in the unit too. Yaesu ft 857 with a Hi-Q antenna on the back of the rig. Aprs in the truck, look for ve7hra-14 on findu.com when we are on the road. (leave home Jan 10th and head south. Quartzsite first stop)
I have run 2 10 gauge runs of wire from the batteries to the radio at the desk. The radio is mounted under the desk and the faceplate on an aluminum plate velcroed to the desk, with speaker and SWR meter.
Dual band antenna mounted on the top of the ladder, and the Hi-Q antenna mounted on the left rear of the trailer. I remove the Hi-Q when on the road and reattach itwhen we get set up. I use a Hi-Q quick disconect.
Have to have RF around. Just wish I could figure out some way to take the 6 element beam......

07-13-2009, 09:23 AM
Hello everyone, im Jerry, k6fn and have been hamming for 46 plus years and a lot of it while camping.. I now use a Yaesu FT-100 Hf rig in my truck and a little Elecraft K-1 CW qrp rig for camping.. With the Hf bands so bad right now the antenna is a very important item.. I shoot a dipole up in any trees close by and operate that way with good results (home made slingshot with fish reel)..we just bought our new 3100 RL 5th wheel and Chev 2500 HD truck.. now the big problem is how to mount the HF motorized antenna on the truck without distracting from the great looks for the truck.. best of luck to all.. what a great hobby... 73 jerry k6fn

07-14-2009, 09:55 AM
Escapees has an RV Ham Radio group, if you are interested.

07-14-2009, 03:46 PM
I also have a Ham rig in the truck and Cyclone.
Kenwood TMV7 in both.

VE6DJK is the call here.