View Full Version : 3300 RLB -- Loft Room Door Placement - Duh!

12-08-2009, 05:00 PM
We love our new 3300RLB -- anxious to use it more since we just got it.

We did quickly learn that if we park someplace where we can't extend the dining area slide, the door to the loft room can't be opened -- the slide blocks the door.

Instead, the door could easily be moved 18" so it could be opened with the slide in. If the loft room slide was also in, the corner of the sofa in the loft room would have to be stepped over to enter the loft room, but at least the room can be used! Further, my kids would just assume climb over the sofa anyhow :D

This would be a simple and useful design improvement. The kids missed a night in the loft room and opted for the dining booth bed because we couldn't open the door. It was not pretty -- don't mess with the kids -- they love their loft room :angel:

05-15-2011, 01:05 PM
Only issue is if the door is moved to the left (curbside) it will interfere with the slide in the rear. This is the only downfall to the design and I think it's minor at best. I do think the door could open the other way and make it at least acceptable. We plan specifically for the fact that you can't get in it. And have yet to camp where we couldn't open the big slide. Nothing goes in the rear room we will need while driving, even if we get stuck and overnight in a parking lot. The boys gear isn't all in the back so they can at least sleep on the front couch or dinette bed.


P.S. I realize this is an old thread but I didn't want potential buyers to find this thread via google, etc. and not consider both sides of the story.