View Full Version : 27 BHS New Model year changes

01-27-2010, 02:10 PM
Anyone know if the new models for this year have any changes from last year? I am looking to get a 27 BHS this year and thought there may be some changes from last year, but I don't see any.


02-02-2010, 02:33 PM
This is what I heard from a Heartland rep. on 11/24/09 when I asked about changes to the 2011 NC's. Hope that it helps you out. :o

We have made some changes to the North Country Product as you have seen. First we have added a Standard rear Bike/Storage pull out bumper rack to every North Country leaving our plant. This is a great addition for our customers to be able to bring bikes, generators, coolers, or anything else. A couple other things that we have done are changing the graphics, making a heated and enclosed underbelly standard, making a porcelain foot flush commode standard, making sliding doors standard, change slide room overhead cabinet glass, change slide room fascia, change wall board color, make the folding grab handle at the entry door standard, change the carpet, add an option for an air mattress hide-a-bed, extend the bedroom shirt closets from ceiling to bed with a shelf inside, and add a shadow box headboard. These are all items we heard from our dealers and retail customers that they wanted. The product is looking great! ...

Heartland has taken a very aggressive stance for the 2011 model year. We have all the products looking the best they have every looked and expect to have a record show! We are working on new brochures as we speak. ...

They should also be updating them on the website very soon. We donít want to put them up to early as the competition is watching our every move right now. Heartland has the buzz about them right now and every one of our competitors is very concerned with what we are doing!

As for the MSRPís, you may see a very slight change with the new model year but should not be very significant. Heartland understands that in order to grow like we want to we need to be at a certain price point. We have done price and feature comparisons with every one of our competitors and fall in line with them!