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02-04-2010, 06:16 PM
Am about to buy a 26SRL and would like to know what y'all would have on it from the beginning (besides that bug screen on furnace vent). Besides a wonder fan, stabalizing hitch, tire pressure sensors, what would you suggest?

02-04-2010, 06:24 PM
Hi Iver,

Again.,, Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and Hopefully to the family.
I did move your post and started your own thread for Prospective Owners asking for help.

Again.. welcome and enjoy the forum.

Jim M

PS,,, I would get any upgrade you can afford, or think you might want in the future. It's easier now than later. And besides if later,,, you may have to do the work to modify or add. :D

02-04-2010, 07:48 PM
Surge suppressor, either hardwired or portable. Water filter system. Screen tent (we use one with our 5'er, too). A 50ft. extension cord for your shore power, especially if you use state parks. A waste tote tank, again for state parks with no site sewers. 5-gallon water can.

A lot of the stuff depends on where you plan to use your trailer most of the time. Parks with full hookups or state parks with electric only...or out in the boonies with only what you can carry. And how long your typical stays might be.

It is easy to load up more stuff than you'll need, but after a while, you will start to winnow out the extraneous stuff and leave it home.

02-04-2010, 07:55 PM
Thanks for the input. What is a "Screen Tent"?

02-18-2010, 12:59 AM
Got the trailer in the yard. Buying experience has been great. Am comfortable now that I have my checklists complete. If anyone buys the same model please get in touch with me. It would be good to have a compatriot.

02-18-2010, 11:19 AM
A screen tent would be something like this. There are various models and price ranges.

03-10-2010, 08:49 PM
slide covers are a must have!!

03-10-2010, 08:56 PM
My awning is the biggest dirt and grime magnet on the rig. When I think about slide covers, I wince at having to clean 4 more grime magnets several times a season. In the two years we have had our Landmark, I haven't seen the need for the covers. What do they offer that offsets the additional maintenance?

Cheers- John