View Full Version : Question for owners that have the Hand Rubbed Antique Glazed Cherry and Fascia woodwork option.

03-22-2010, 10:47 PM
We saw a new 3185RL Bighorn on a dealers lot that has the Antique Glazed and Fascia woodwork option. On initial viewing the wood work look very rich and nice, however on further close up inspection we found the finish to be a bit disappointing. It appears that at the factory that wood work must have been stained on a Friday, or Monday morning. In the indentation parts of the wood work (cupboard fronts.doors) where there is a dark line that is meant to provide highlights it appears the person doing the staining didn't take the time to ensure they used enough stain, plus they missed doing parts of the doors.

We are wondering if this poor job is an anomaly, or have other owners with this woodwork option seen similar issues? I assume that those types of issues would be fixed/stained to a satisfactory level.

We would appreciate your input. We are interested in the Bighorn 3055RL, but after seening the poor job on the woodwork we are questioning ourselves on whether we are picking the right product.

Your input will be helpful.

Thank you


03-23-2010, 09:44 AM
We are waiting for our BH 3185 RL in the cherry finish. We have never seen the things you are talking about. We have been studying RV's for over two years and we decided to go with Heartland. We love the floorplan of the BH 3185 RL. I trust you just saw a single incident with the stain. I will let you know when my comes in. It goes online March 30. We can't wait!!!!!

03-23-2010, 10:23 AM
Everyone that see our 3055 remarks about how nice the cabinets are, better than most stick homes. They are the standard oak. I admit I never have really liked the look of the brands that have cherry compared to our oak. Renee want a change so we ordered the cherry. I think what you are noticing is the "antique" look done to the finish. Gives it a little character. I have seen earlier cherry finishes and I think the "antique" looks a little better.