View Full Version : A few thoughts on the Elkridge ER34QSRL

04-25-2010, 12:58 PM
After having our new Elkridge for a few weeks, I'd like to make a few suggestions for changes. First let me say that so far I am pretty happy with the fifth-wheel.

The winterizing valves are very difficult to get to. It requires that you crawl up into the basement storage and remove a panel (4 screws). There has to be a better place to put them.

The outside speakers aren't in great spot. They are toward the front of the RV with about 2-3 feet between them. Seems like they could be separated a little more and at least one of them located more toward the rear of the coach.

I am having trouble with the refrigerator. The jury is still out on what the problem is, but if I'm guessing it very well may be ventilation or lack there of. Also the refrigerator is one of the low end models from Dometic. I believe the model it 2852. I think Heartland should either put a little better model in or at a minimum offer one as an option. Maybe they do offer it as an option and I just didn't know about it.

My two cents.