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09-16-2006, 08:59 PM
Nancy and I are finally out with the RV again after a 5 week hiatus due to er work travel and some non-RVing commitments (what were we thinking!).

Anyway, we're down in Springfield, IL - Chatham actually (just south). This has been on our calendar all year and we're finally here. Today, we visited the Lincoln Museum. For anyone considering coming this way to learn more about Lincoln or the Civil War - you won't be disappointed. There are a lot of things here to see. And the new Lincoln Museum is awesome.

Back to the CG. I cannot remember who, but someone on this forum and/ore at the 2006 rally in Goshen recommended the Double J Campground (http://www.doublejcampground.com/) at the south end of Springfield in Chatham, IL. Great recommendation.

There is a KOA not far from here too. But specifically, more than 1 source steered us away from Mr. Lincoln's Campground. Anyway, we're very happy with the Double J.

Jerry and Jeri also own a small RV dealership (http://www.doublejrv.com/) here on the grounds. I'll tell you one thing, they keep this place up meticulously.

We're in row B in site B9. They use this row for longer 5th wheels. They also use row P for 5ers. Here in row B, we have a lot of shade from many trees. Over in row P, each site has a single mature tree for some shade, but not a lot. Satellite should work in row P but roof mounted dishes would have trouble in all sites in row B except for the first site.

Most of this CG has full hookups. We have water, sewer, 50 amp power and cable TV. They have WiFi available for a fee. We bring our own Internet so no fee for me!

All site pads are gravel. Row B requires 1 board on the low side while row P looks very level.

They have a nice office/store. Very clean. Not a lot of camping supplies or food. Some frozen treats and lots of craft items. My guess is that all the RV stuff is in the neighboring dealership store/building. Laundry was spotless with 2 ea W/Ds. I didn't look at the bathroom or showers or the game room. The pool is outdoors and was empty for the season but looked like new. There is another bathroom/bathouse building on the western side of the CG past the structured sites and near an open field sort of camping area.

Looked like a primitive camping section in the woods too.

One thing about row B and probaby C/D is road noise from the nearby interstate 55. Nothing that is too bothersome but something to bear in mind if you prefer total silence. Getting farther from the expressway seems to be possible and with the trees here, would proably provide some acoustic relief.

Check this place out if your travels require you to camp near Springfield - especially on the south end of town. Easy on/off from I-55 too.



09-17-2006, 01:20 AM
Hi Jim,
We were at the Double J the end of May before we went to Indiana to the Rally. We also had a good time there and found the owners very friendly and the campground very clean with nice big sites. This campground is located only about 15 minutes from downtown Springfield and has free WIFI.

We also went to the Lincoln Museum, Lincoln's home, Lincoln's tomb and New Salem (in Petersberg)

09-17-2006, 08:07 AM
Hi Jim and Wilma,

You may have been the ones to suggest Double J to us - can't remember. We need to come back to visit the rest of the area. You guys did a great job visiting much of what is here.

Only change here at Double J is that they now charge for WiFi. Hope the rest of your summer is going well and hope to see you in 2007.


09-17-2006, 01:52 PM
Jim, you're only a couple of hours away from us in St. Louis area, and where Paul & Nan live. We have been staying at Double J several years now on our way home or out....very nice people. And the other one in town named after the President is a good one to stay away from!!!! Glad you enjoyed it.

Pat & Logan.

09-17-2006, 06:43 PM
Hi Pat and Logan,

We just got home an hour ago and were talking with a couple who own a new Airstream. They just got back from 3 weeks in MI. Anyway, they told us they stayed at the KOA just north and east of the Double J, not far of Lakeshore Drive and they liked it there.

I have now heard on this forum, via email and PM from at least 3 other couples that are within 2 hours of Springfield. Sounds like the makings of a mini-rally at the end of next season!!


Paul & Nan
09-18-2006, 12:14 AM
We had an offer to be work campers for Double J last year. We were not in a position to do that at that time. Nice park, maybe not the biggest sites, but still not bad. We are about 40 minutes north of there.

We just got home from 10 days out. Went to Lake Shelbyville area, 2 nights with GS club in state park, then 7 nites at Lithia Springs, a Corps of Engineers park. $11 a nite with Golden Age, for full hook up. Very big sites, very clean and quiet. We were 45 miles from home, just far enough to enjoy. Nan