View Full Version : Got rid of my Kenda tires

Gary F
09-19-2006, 06:49 PM
This past weekend I upgrade all five trailer tires to the Michelin XPS Rib's. Spoke to the Kenda rep two weeks ago and got the go ahead for replacement reimbursement up to $110.00 per tire.

Sent off the DOT cut-outs to Kenda USA for my reimbursement. What a PITA it was to cut out the DOT info on all five tires, since the tire store could not do this for me. Things we do for money !

All five Michelin's out the door mounting and balancing was $1,150.00.

I have to thank Phil Smith from this site for pushing me to call Kenda. Got rid of the Kenda Klever bomb's before exp blow-out damage.

Phil Smith
09-19-2006, 07:51 PM
Hi Gary,

I changed out all of my Kenda tires to the Michelin XPS Ribs as well. You are right about the pain to get the DOT codes. I tried a sabre saw but it was not at all successful. The tire dealer found a divice designed to remove the DOT codes that made it relatively easy however. It just slices slightly under the code and does not cut the entire side wall. Nice little device! As for the credit you gave on your post... it really should go the good folks on RV.net. After my tire blew and it damaged my camper, I searched RV.net and someone out there had already done all the work for me. Credit where credit is due! Also Gary gets the credit for finding NTB with the best Michelin XPS Rib tire pricing in the Carolinas! Drive out for my 5 tires $1043.56 (OK, I',m a little harder on dealers that Gary was :D )

Now just waiting on the dealer to get the repair parts for the camper which Kenda has also agreed to pay for. In the mean time...Let's go Campin'. See you at the East Coast Rally.