View Full Version : Trailer Forums Have Been Rearranged

09-26-2006, 01:24 PM
Hi all,

I suppose it was inevitable, but after a couple years now, the forum has gotten quite long in terms of the number of sections that it has.

This week, I hope to flesh out the Trail Runner forum. This would add another page of length to the front page of the forum.

As such, I have implemented a new forum called TRAILER FORUMS. Underneath this Parent Forum are what is called Child Forums. The Child (or sub) forums are now for each trailer model. Drill into any model and you will see the familiar General and Technical areas.

From the main forum, when you look at the TRAILER FORUMS, if there are any New Posts (new to you), the icon to the left of the trailer model will have some orange color in it like this one: //heartlandowners.org/images/statusicon/forum_new_lock.gif

Never mind the padlock that is shown in the icon. This is the hitch I am working on right now. You may still click on all the trailer forums, enter them and use them. You cannot post to the Forum Titles. That is what the padlock is there for. I am working now to learn how to rearrange things to get rid of the padlock.

I know this new format will take some getting used to and I apologize for any inconvenience. But this is what must be done in order for us to progress.

Thank you for understanding.