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06-01-2010, 06:58 AM
Last year I posted that our front landing gear failed in Pahrump, Nevada. The failure was preceded by a clicking sound as the clutch in the motor slipped and failed,(Of course the warranty had expired). The motor would run but the gear wouldn't turn. I next broke the front landing gear using the manual lifting bar/wrench.

To make a long story short the real cause of the problem was the thrust bearing in the slave leg.

Now I didn't know this at the time, nor did the service man, and replaced the motor and the gear box which broke again down the road,(gear box). I tore apart the leg and found the failed bearing and it was obvious as bearings litterally fell to the ground as soon as I started to remove the leg).

I replaced the failed leg with the dual conversion kit from Venture and so far so good. The 2008 Bighirn Rl 3400 now lifts and lowers with ease. The people from Venture, Patty, were outstanding in their responding to my contact and orders.

The cost as stated elsewhere is about 350 bucks and I strongly recommend it. Its an easy job with the hardest part being lifting the leg out and putting the new one in, as long as you don't have a generator kit,(I had to remove mine). Just be sure to safely support the fifth wheel! I used two supports for safety.

Anyway I just wanted to thank all who offered their advice and to share my experience.

Clear skies,

Mark and Renita

06-01-2010, 07:27 AM
Great. Glad to hear you found the 'root' of your problem and are now "happy campers'. I am sure this will help others.