View Full Version : 27 FQBS - What's the easiest way to access the cable line from the rear bunkhouse?

06-22-2010, 05:06 PM
The very first thing I'm doing to my brand new 2011 FQBS is adding a small lightweight 15" lcd monitor to the bunkhouse. I've got the mounting all figured out.

All I need is to know the easiest way to access the cable line. I know it runs overhead because that's the direction the cable goes from the cable outlet. Since the outside jack is in the middle I figured it probably runs right down the middle. Inside the bathroom, I tried removing the square casing from the ceiling fan and I can see into a roof reasonably well, but I don't see the coaxle I'm looking for.

Is there an easier place to access the coaxle from somewhere close to the bunkhose?