View Full Version : Sell or give away your unwanted treasures during the Rally

06-29-2010, 09:01 PM
Hello to all you 2010 Rally Attendees,
As in the past we will have a few tables available for all to showcase any items you may wish to give away or sell. This is a wonderful opportunity for to buy, sell or trade for treasures. The attachment is a copy of what you will receive in your welcome packets but if you wish you can download this one and start getting ready for the Rally. Please be sure to fill the tags out completely and secure them properly to your items.

In the past we had a great turnout but as was the case not everything found a new home. We do ask that if your item(s) do not happen to sell that you please retrieve it by Sunday morning before you leave the Rally. Items left behind may be donated or thrown out as we do not have the space to store it for future rallies.

Look here for things you want to list that you will bring to the Rally (//heartlandowners.org/showthread.php/17046-Items-I-will-be-bringing-to-sell-during-the-Rally).

Thank you all for your cooperation and look forward to seeing and meeting all of you,
Mark Comer