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07-29-2010, 11:02 PM
I have a Bighorn 3670 and have been reading a lot of refer information on this web site and others. Here is what I did. I had dead space at the top of the refer. I cut a sheet of galv steel stock and made a tray to put at the top of the upper coils where the fins are to cool the gases off. After I attached it to the sides and lip of the upper vent cover, I took a can of spray foam and pushed the tube nozzel above the tray and sprayed the expanding foam to fill this void (be careful not to put in too much) as it expand quite a bit. Tray covers the entire space. I had to cut out a few slots and corners to fit it as close as possible. The foam then worked through and spaces and I ended up with a pretty much completely sealed pocket above the fins with only about a quarter inch of space above the fins. The space above the tray is completely filled with insulation. No more hot pocket at the top of the refer. I bent over the edges 1 inch on all sides, that is why I am calling it a tray ( an upside down tray to be exact).

I then made another tray that is the complete length of the upper vent and 9 inches high. When screwed to the aluminum frame around the vent opening it is a nice tight fit. When installed it leaves about three inches or so at the top where the fins are. This tray forces all the air to go over the cooling fins before it can leave the top vent.

I also stuffed insulation on the sides and top of the frig before installing these trays. Further I installed a manual toggle switch for the dual fans that are original equipment. Compared to before, when I turn on these fans, it is a hurricane of air coming out of the top vent.

I have never and I do mean not one time had a temp below 43 degrees. and mostly with opening and closing of normal use I have had 45 to 48 degrees, which is ofcourse just barely cold enough and on really hot 90 degree days it was not uncommon to get up to 50 degrees, not acceptable.

I have an appointment to take it to the dealer on August 10th, but may not need to take it in. Running for about 6 hours, I have a temperature of 38 degrees. I cannot believe the difference.

I have been reading the nightmare cost of refer repairs in the $1000.00 dollar range, so I decided I would try some things first. Looks like it has paid off. I will let this run overnight tonight and then take some readings and some pictures and post them.

I am going on a 10 day trip this Saturday which will give this mod the real test. Hope this may help some others who are having similar problems.

07-30-2010, 05:08 AM
I don't suppose you have any photos? It would be great to see because we are having a devil of a time getting the fridge in our BH 3610 to stay cold and it takes forever to cool initially.


07-30-2010, 05:10 PM
9555Here is some pictures.9554

07-30-2010, 05:29 PM
The pictures don't seem to work for me.

07-30-2010, 05:41 PM
95579556 try again

08-06-2010, 02:50 PM
I have been camping now for a little over a week and wanted to give an update. I could not fully assess my modifications because I cannot level in my driveway without unhooking and I could not un hook for reasons I won't go into. Anyway when we got to our campsite and leveled out I made one additional mod. I wrapped the thermistor, that little thing on the fins in the main box, in 1/2 inch pipe insulation to, in my thinking, make the refer call for more cooling.

All said and done my results were amazing. As menitioned I was getting 38 degrees in my driveway but two bubbles off level. I now get 28 degrees at night and maintain 38 degrees during the day. We are camping with 8 family members and we are doing all the food. So that means a lot of extra people getting in and out of the refer all day.

Considering that the coolest prior to these mods was 42 and getting up to 50 during the day, I consider these results amazing.

PS. I cancelled my appointment to have the refer looked at.