View Full Version : A great RV dealer

11-07-2006, 08:57 AM
I took my BigHorn coach in for some work on packing bearings, adjusting brakes, new light under sink, installed 2 A/C vents and installed new antenna shaft for a total with labor inclued $385.68. I also had a leak in the slideout entertainment center. Thompson RV in Davenport, Iowa check all the the slide outs for me and did a pressure water test to all the silde outs for no cost to me. They asked Heartland to help with the cost and they said no because it was pasted warrenty time. Thompson RV had said that they had ageed to wait for me until my coach would be able to work on. So Thompson RV did all this free of charge to me. Thompson RV are not a dealer for BigHorn for about 6 or 7 monthes now, not because of HeartLand but because of other manufacture RV that Thompson RV had been selling for years and said it is time to let HeartLand go because they were selling to many BigHorns. This is the kind of Dealer I am very Proud of!! Evans & Lana