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12-10-2006, 09:07 AM
We have a HughesNet High Speed Internet Satellite System that we want to give to someone. The options are to take over our contract or make alternate arrangements with HughesNet.There is 9 months remaining on our contract at $102.00 per month,which includes the cost of equipment and internet service,or as I said alternate arrangements can be made with HughesNet.The system works great. Much, much faster than dial-up.When we signed the contract with HughesNet,high speed over the phone line, was not available. My wife needed high speed for her work,so we signed on. The system works fine for our home computers, but my wife must work through a VPN security. The VPN and Hughesnet do not work well together,so she really was not any better off than she was before we signed the contract.Now highspeed over the phone lines is available to us, and with the help of a wireless router, we are all happy.I have seen a HughesNet Satellite dish in campgrounds,so I assume it would be set up just like a regular satellite dish. Like I said the system works great. It just does not work for us anymore. The system is still hooked up if anyone would like to see it work. If you have any questions you can contact me by PM or by e-mail. Thanks