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12-11-2006, 09:10 PM
I decided to check all my accessible gas line connections this weekend. I checked them during my PDI and all was fine, but I found 2 leaks Saturday. These apparently just appeared and were minor leaks, but, still a leak. I had the same thing happen several years ago on our Sunnybrook, and then it seemed to happen as the weather got cold. I smelled and found LP leaks twice on the Sunnybrook so I decided to make it a semi-annual event. Also, we had the furnace on Friday night after the heat pump dropped out from the low temperature and I noticed the bedroom stayed pretty cool. I also checked out the furnace after I did the LP repair and discovered that both ducts to the front had disconnected from the furnace. It is a twist-on fitting that was connected during the PDI because we ran the furnace and hot air came out of the forward vents. That was a real pain in the rear to reconnect. We took a 2800 mile trip around Labor Day and traveled on some rough roads and I think that those roads may have been the cause of both problems. So, you might want to do a periodic check, especially if you have pulled your Heartland very much.

12-12-2006, 07:08 AM

So those round lines, are you saying they connect to the furnace unit under the refer? I know for my floor ducts, the output of the furnace points straight downward.

Perhaps those 2 hoses need a large tie-wrap on them?? Thanks for letting us know what you found - both on the hoses coming lose and the idea of a semi-annual LP gas leak test.


12-12-2006, 06:34 PM
Jim, you're correct, floor ducts for the main (lower) area are fed out of the bottom of the furnace thru a rigid duct system. The upper floor registers-bath vanity toekick, bedroom dresser toekick, and bath floor register-appear to be fed by the two round flex ducts off the right side of the furnace. I have the newer bath/bedroom layout so yours is different. There must be a "Y" in one of them somewhere under the floor. I didn't notice where the air intake for the furnace was, didn't see it anyway, so it must be on the street side of the furnace. I can't think of any way to secure the flex ducts after the furnace is installed, just not enough room to work with. I may go in from the basement side in a couple of weeks and see if anything is possible from that angle. That trip should be a lot of fun.