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01-19-2011, 11:19 PM
Heartland - Titanium Technology
<HR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #d1d1e1; COLOR: #d1d1e1" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Always wondered why another company never bought the patent on the Titanium - Should have know Heartland would.

Heartland Offers ‘Titanium Technology’ on Fiver Lines
Heartland Recreational Vehicles, LLC has revived the exclusive Titanium cab-over front cap fashioned by defunct Canadian builder Glendale International Corp., incorporating the distinctive, aerodynamic design into three of its top-selling fifth-wheel lines.

Heartland reported that it had acquired the Titanium’s intellectual property from Glendale last summer, including patents, trademarks and industrial design rights. Oakville, Ont.- based Glendale, which filed for bankruptcy in January of 2010, dominated the Canadian fifth-wheel marketplace with its Titanium lineup.

“We acquired all the patents, so we will be the only company offering this highly innovative design,” said Coley Brady, vice president of sales for Heartland. “Everyone familiar with the industry – trade and consumer – recognizes the Titanium cab-over cap as one of those engineering advances that really impacts the market. We will be offering the Titanium front cap in our luxury Bighorn fifth-wheel brand along with the Road Warrior and Cyclone toy hauler lines.

“Essentially, a 32-foot trailer offers the same living area as a 37-footer because the nose of the trailer can accommodate a bedroom and wardrobe,” Brady said. “And because there is approximately 15 percent less trailer to tow, it significantly cuts down on sway while improving gas mileage for the tow vehicle.”

Heartland is going into full production this month with the Bighorn Ti32, Road Warrior 30C and Cyclone 300C, all providing 37 feet of living space in a 32 1/2-foot towing length, along with the Cyclone 370C offering 42 feet of living area in a 38-foot length.

THE TWO TOY HAULER LINES will be equipped with Heartland’s Superslide, which affords 7 1/2 feet of headroom, and the Bighorn model will be available with a standard royal maple wood grain or optional antique, hand-rubbed glazed pecan.

Brady said the new lines debuted to strong response from Heartland’s dealer body at the recently completed Louisville RV Trade Show.

“We made the decision to incorporate the technology into existing lines versus coming out with a completely new brand,” Brady said. “Our dealers recognized that the Titanium models add tremendous franchise value, offering a sought-after, salable feature in brands that are already strong performers.”

Brady noted that consumers were also excited about the reprised Titanium front cap, including Tony Lane, owner of the online-based Titanium RV Owners Group. Lane, who resides in Tillonsburg, Ont., said that the Heartland design successfully “carries on the Glendale Titanium tradition.”

“The Heartland model will be my eighth since 2002,” Lane said. “The Titanium is the most stable trailer that I have ever towed, which is important because I put a lot of miles on my RV. The one thing I really notice is that you never get sucked in when you pass a semi. It also has a very comfortable, spacious living space.”
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