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02-11-2011, 08:39 AM
I am on this site quite a bit and have learned an awful lot from the great people on here. I have a problem with the new site revamp. I understand that there had to be some order maintained on our site but the moderators are moving posts but not indicating where they seem to think these posts belong. I don't know about anyone else but I am finding this a tad frustrating. I am not bashing the mods as they are doing a great job ( I was a mod on another site for years) but this is just a suggestion.



02-11-2011, 09:02 AM
Another Forum I'm on when a Post is moved a Redirect Link is left telling where it went

02-11-2011, 09:34 AM
If it's a post you've commented on or started, just go to your profile page and click on either "Find all posts" or "Find all started threads," and it will give you a list that you can find your comments on.

02-11-2011, 09:37 AM
The default for any thread we move is an expiring 1 week redirect. Meaning that a redirect will be placed in the original area for 1 week after we move a post, and it will disappear after that 1 week.

I hope this explains our process concerning thread movements.