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02-16-2011, 10:44 AM
I asked this same question on another thread but received no responses so maybe this is the place.

My background is such that I would like to have available as much technical information on anything mechanical or electrical that we have. On our last RV a 34' class A the manufacturer supplied booklets, drawings, instruction manuals, & electrical schematics etc. on everything that was included with the unit. I was able to purchase a DVD from Ford Motor for all mechanical & chassis data. What type of information of this nature will we receive from the RV dealer when we pick up the unit?

Does the factory offer or provide any other technical information on like: brakes, suspension, wiring schematics, fuse box locations etc? If so then how do we go about purchasing this information.

I really like to be prepared for these things and since we still have 3-5 weeks of waiting before the unit will be available it would be nice to have some reading material.

02-17-2011, 05:49 AM
Hey TeJay, I repled to ur post but on this site sometimes its goes who knows where..LoL I reported the problem and i was told it gets mixed up or sumthing.. Anyway if u go to top of page right side and Goggle NT 24 RBS it will pull up all posting for the TT. Hope u find my posts n other posts. if not i can repost what i said later as i am late for work... LoL Good Luck Happy Camping..... Bye...

02-19-2011, 11:47 AM
Hey TeJay, our rigs are very similar. I would also be interested in a manual. We have not used our unit, yet, but did spend one night. I'm towing with a 2010 XLT super crew but have not towed the new 24 RBS except to get 10 miles home from the dealership....Keep in touch, perhaps we can compare notes...I'm Herb, urbanjudy2@yahoo.com...

03-16-2011, 11:31 PM
We are taking our maiden voyage in the 24 RBS. Just a short trip to FL, about 1300 miles short. In regards to the service manual. I don't think we'll ever see one. The best we'll get is the generic manual from Heartland which covers 260 + units and almost covers just about nothing. I did find a service manual for the axles. I can't print it now and have not read it all but it will cover the brakes and stuff with the axles. The rest of the stuff will have to come from experience and this forum, which is very helpful.

One of our first experiences was with the water tank electric heater. The PDI did not cover the three valves for the tank that were hidden behind a panel in the front pass through. I filled the system with water and had water flow, hot and cold at all the faucets. I thought there might be something that I did not do but turned on the tank and procedded to burn out the heater element. When I called the dealer he told me to open the two valves on the tank behind the cover. I told him that he never showed me the panel and he agreeded that he didn't. I fixed it before we took off for FL and it has worked great.
We had leaks around the shower base. I sealed it with silicone and it was OK for a day then started leaking again. I resealed it and hope it will hold until we get home. I will then take the door and sides off, remove all glass and seal underneath the rails on the bottom with I think white foam tape and some silicone. I may ask the dealer to send me some sealing tape or what ever they recommend. That's the least they can do if I'm going to do the work. I've also replaced the 8 screws in the shower with SS screws since the screws they used had already started to rust.
We also had a hinge pull out over the sofa. That's an easy fix with super glue to reinforce the hole then JB weld to secure the plastic plugs.
I guess one has to balance price and quality. Heartland does have decent quality compared to others for the price you pay. I am skilled enough to fix a lot of this stuff and I really don't mind cause it gives me something to do but I hope this isn't the beginning of many more chapters full of fixes and repairs.

It's been a good trip so far. The truck performed well and the Equali Z er hitch worked great once the set up was completed.
Do you have a lot of trailer movement when you walk around???? I thought the jacks would eliminate that stuff?? Can that be improved??


03-17-2011, 09:08 AM
If you want some manuals and stuff on some of the items they have in them, axle, maintenance ETC. On the top forum bar, CLICK on tools, Select OWNERS MANUALS from drop down box. there is all kinds of stuff in this area.

Also as far as other manuals and stuff from Heartland rvs, they make and change layouts on the run, also add another line of trailers all the time. So from one yr to another on same model, they add stuff may move stuff around and whoever is installing and running lines, electric, added options, etc. Nothing will be run the same place and/or same setup. Bottom line is, it's not like a vehicle where everthing is the same for 4-5 yrs then they may change stuff.

If you want more detailed info for that stuff, you may be able to contact the dealer of the items(stove, fridge, Air conditioner etc) to seee if they have the proper manuals you want and see if the can send you one.

The members here are more than willing to help out with Questions you have and will try to lead you to the right road for info.


03-17-2011, 09:40 PM
Much thanks, for the information. That's great to know. On another thread I did find the axle manual from Lippert which is real good. You are correct about this forum. There is much info available and many who will help and that's great to have. One does not feel out in left field with some of this stuff.

Thanks again,