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03-08-2007, 04:43 PM
We will pick up our new 3055 from Lakeshore in April. Any input on what to specifically look for during the PDI for the '07 3055 would be really welcome. We are getting it with the Patina decor, Euro chairs, fireplace, washer/dryer, etc.

Also, how much time should we plan for the PDI and hitch installation (2006 RAM 2500 diesel short bed)?

Mike and Mary Ellen
Napa, CA

03-08-2007, 06:48 PM
Congratulations on the new 5th wheel. Time for PDI, well it depends. When we did ours it too 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Some take longer. You want to turn on everything. Check for water leaks. Have them hook up to city water and have water in the tank. Try the slides, lights, faucets, shower, toilet flushing, tv, stero... Basically you want everything to work and have no issues.

For a hitch install I have no clue.


03-08-2007, 07:03 PM
It's a great day !!! congrats........

03-08-2007, 07:43 PM
Mike & Mary,

Congrats on the big day, we just picked ours up at RV's Fro Less on Monday thru Weds......Spend as much time as you needs to be thorough, it tooks us all of 5hrs.

Each unit is different and will have different flaws, most everything we found were minor things like a couple of missing screwsin cabinet hinges, a few spots that needed additional calk on the outside and some minor slide adjustments.

The most major item was aleak from the shower stall that I discovered by spraying around the showere faucet fixture. The water showed up in the basement area, but was resolved by some more sealant around the fixture.

Be sure to search the forums for some very complete PDI checkloists, if you have a problem finding anything I prepared an Excel spreadsheet from a Word document that Hank (Mels Musty Music) sent to me.

Good luck and enjoy!!!!

Uncle Rog
03-13-2007, 10:52 AM
rm, take all the time you want for the PDI, when I went through mine I asked about the spare, told me that it wasn't offered anymore! Fill the tank, run the systems, have a good list prepared beforehand. My friends turned down their first 3670 for cosmetic flaws and suspicious potential electrical questions, the tv went fuzzy when the water pump ran? You are making a good choice of rigs, just take your time and check it out thoroughly.....enjoy yourselves........UR

03-14-2007, 02:04 PM
Congratulations!! We bought a Big Horn 3055RL from Lakeshore last June...they have a nice camping area inside the dealership to stay while you learn about everything and have options added. They sell lots of options at a great price ( we had fan covers, bigger batteries, extra 12 volt plug at bedroom T.V. center and a few other minor items. We were VERY happy with our experience....they were very helpful and answered all the questions we asked.....stayed 3 days on site. We bought and had the hitch installed on site. The Muskegon area has lots of places to shop and eat.....all those little "extras" to match the new rig were purchased in the area. Good luck! Wonderful Wyoming....now in Roswell, NM at Bottomless Lakes State Park...great!

03-14-2007, 05:52 PM
Brings back fond memories when you mentioned Roswell and Bottomless Lakes State park.

I was stationed at Walker AFB in Roswell back in 1953-1955 and used to go out to the Park quite a lot. Still have a good friend who lives there.

We plan on visiting Yellowstone/Grand Canyon etc. and winter near Apache Junction AZ so won't be far from Roswell.

Enjoy your Bighorn......we sure do.

Tom & Sharol