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Karen/Gary Buxton
03-31-2011, 05:35 PM
We got out new rig a month ago and have been in it since (had a BigHorn before). I understand it takes 1-1/2 to 2 days to build a rig. I think a little more attention to detail would be better. Here's part of our list: compressor in bedroom AC doesn't work, vacuum wouldn't turn off after third use, freezer door on fridge (4-door) leaks, nails coming up through bedroom floor, pantry doors not aligned, no air comes through vent in front of fireplace, bedroom door doesn't align with closer, smudge inside fireplace glass, island not aligned properly causing damage to slide frame, chair completely fell apart, bathroom sink drains very, very, very slowly. Some of these things have been fixed but have to wait till we get home to take care of the rest. Come on Heartland, you're better than this!! - Aren't you?

03-31-2011, 08:49 PM
Did you get your sink to drain right? Ours and also another Rushmore here has the same issue.

03-31-2011, 09:18 PM
Sounds like you have a list about like I do. Mine is an 09 cyclone has had numerous little things that I have fixed just because of sloppy workmanship and cheap materials.

I have kept a list of things fixed in warranty, out of warranty, things I have fixed myself while in warranty (sometimes just easier to fix it yourself), and things fixed myself out of warranty. All to date I have about $1,026 in materials that I have had to replace and about $1,525 in labor at $50 per hr (I work cheaper than the dealers do). That is a total of $2,551 that I have spent for materials and my labor over four years of ownership and est labor. That is roughly $630 per year excluding tires, insurance, and taxes. Just materials cost has been roughly $250 per year.

This is not really bad comparing to other people I know with 5ers and is downright cheap compared to motor homes. My brother pays $14,000 a year for repair insurance on his $750 k motor home not counting little stuff he pays himself.

I have been looking at non toy haulers (for when I grow up) and although more money, I think I am going to a Carriage 5er for their quality and finish.

Good luck with your new toy.

04-01-2011, 10:10 AM
Karen and Michael,

With regard to your slow draining bathroom sinks, here's some information I got from Engineering on this. Something to consider and try:

If this was built with a vessel bowl, I would expect this as there is no overflow capabilities with these sinks. Without out one, a vacuum builds up once the strainer is covered with water. If it is the current sink I would lean to a faulty anti siphon vent, or reverse or inadequate slope as this is a dry vented system. The shower is tied into the same drain line. If it does not drain slowly also, I would check the anti siphon vent first. Remove the top by unscrewing it and see if the drain improves. (Note: do not leave the cap off as there is a potential for overflow.)

Sorry you are having trouble with this and Karen, with a multitude of items, as we've discussed via email.


04-01-2011, 10:15 AM
Replying to my own reply :)

Heard back from Michael that his slow draining bathroom sink as well as the other one he mentioned (the Wrights) are both standard, non-vessel sinks. So that leaves:
A. Reverse drain slope or
B. Bad anti siphon vent

I know Michael's is in the service bay at Lazy Days now - so he'll pass on this info, though I suppose they'll be checking for both anyway.


04-01-2011, 10:38 AM
Karen and Gary,
so sorry you're having issues with your new rig. I know how upsetting it can be. It's upsetting for me to read of these as well, because over half of the items should have been caught by your dealer before delivery. Unfortunately, this is by no means an isolated event. I work at a service center (no sales, no brand affiliation) and we are seeing a disturbing number of work orders due to poor pre-delivery service by the dealers. No one brand stands out, as it seems to be due to a lack of qualified techs, at least in our area. If Heartland could do one thing to improve the odds of a trouble free coach, it would be to demand a pre-delivery check list be completed from their dealers before they were released to the new owners.
I've been thinking of making myself available to the Heartland owners in our area to help with walk-thrus and PDI's for the Heartlands, but as the dealers also do service, I might be stepping on some toes. Never the less, it almost makes me cry when someone walks through the door with a new rig that has simple, easy to avoid problems that have ruined their first trips.
As I said, it's not only Heartland dealers. Yesterday, over the phone, I walked a new owner of a 4 day old Jayco with a failed converter, through the procedures for manually retracting his slides. That was the dealers job, and they failed. Not only that, but he had called 4 other places before he got to us, and none of them could tell him how to manually roll the slides in so he could get packed up and to a service center.
I have every faith that Heartland will take care of your problems and you'll enjoy your new rig for many years to come.
Hope we can meet at a Heartland event in the future,

04-01-2011, 10:58 AM
Hi ! We have a 2010 Heartland Cyclone and it's been a work in progress since new ! Just my opinion, but, if Heartland was going to do better on assembling these thing's they would have done it by now ! It's not the dealer's fault that they get unit's that have not been finished by the factory ! All the Heartland owner's i have talked to have a lot of the same non finished issue's ! Anyway we still are proud of our toy hauler

04-01-2011, 05:51 PM
If this was built with a vessel bowl, I would expect this as there is no overflow capabilities with these sinks. Without out one, a vacuum builds up once the strainer is covered with water.

If the vessel bowl is the glass bowl put in early 2011 Rushmores, that's what we have and it drains just fine.

05-13-2011, 09:30 AM
I would agree with the build quaility issue! We had 2 pages of items that we either broke, chipped, scratched, or flat out didnt work even down to stair light not working. Most of these items yes could be caught by the dealer but i also dont think they should be totally responsible for rebuilding the RV once they recieve it. I also think that when I buy something i would like to be the one that dents the door puts chips in the flooring, takes chunks of wood out of a cabinet door. I find it amazing that when we all go buy a car or truck that if a car dealer was to have cars on the lot that needed 2 pages worth of stuff done to them we probably wouldnt buy that car. There is one big difference though with RV manufactors they all do sloppy work. Not sure if they dont understand appearence means a lot but when we bought our Landmark we "thought" that we were buying what was branded luxury and top of the line for Heartland and what we got was a new RV that smelled new but had a ton of cosmetic things wrong with it. Between the dealer and myself we have fixed almost everything but the flooring! Minus taking out the slides to put in new kitchen flooring we have found another way to repair the floor. We also have the vessel bathroom sink but it drains fine.