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03-23-2007, 03:15 PM
Hi all,

Have you always wanted a calling card you could use while RVing? Something you could leave on the door of another Heartland rig that pulled into your campground.

front of card.............................................. .....back of card

Some of you may already use these. I made one up when I had a travel trailer. They worked great.

Attached to this post is a Microsoft Word document that is setup for printing on Avery Business Card stock 8865.

This is my first pass at creating some generic Heartland Owners Club Calling Cards. Generic in the sense that they can be printed Ďas-isí and used by any Heartland product owner. But flexible enough that when printed Ďas-isí, they can be hand-personalized by writing in your name, forum username, cell phone number and campground site number.

As designed in this first pass, they are meant to be printed on both sides. While I have yet to test it, you should be able to print onto Avery 8865 Business Card stock, then flip the printed page over (side-to-side) and reprint it on the other side.

You may also completely modify the card to your liking. One suggestion is to replace the logo with a picture of yourself or your trailer.

Another suggestion is to download Averyís free software (http://www.avery.com/us/software/index.jsp) for printing onto their forms. I use their software to create and print rally badges and it works great.

Have fun!


03-24-2007, 08:22 PM
What a great idea. Thanks