View Full Version : Scott Tuttle on Vacation through 08-April

03-30-2007, 09:05 AM
Just a quick note to all that Scott Tuttle from the factory will be on vacation through the first week of 08-April.

Upon his return, he'll likely be buried in work, work email and forum Ask the Factory (ATF) posts.

For those posting in the ATF forums, remember that these sections are for specific questions you have about your unit that you want answered by the factory in a public forum. Please be mindful that it will take some period of time for a reply and that any specific question posted from 30-Mar through 08-Apr, may not get answered until the week of 09-Apr.

As always, we encourage forum/product owner experts to chime in on ATF posts to help your fellow Heartlander out. Over time, we have seen the need lessen for an actual factory reply to many requests. In no way does this mean the ATF forums will go away. It just means that as an ownership group, we are becoming pretty expert at our units and we're in a great position to help others and at the same time, give the factory some relief.