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04-03-2007, 07:05 PM
Hi all,

John Morgan (jpmorgan37), our forum moderator began research of available RV use/training materials. In his research, he came across a collection of websites that are run by Mark and Dawn Polk.

Mark and Dawn Polk, of RV Education 101 have generously contributed some of their training DVD's for our Heartland Owners Rally. They produce a variety of training DVD's for RV'ers, as Mark said, "One of the reasons for starting this business was because of the lack of information in owner manuals and elsewhere."

We want to thank them for their contribution and call attention to their websites:

RV Education 101 website (http://rveducation101.com/)

RV University website (http://www.rvuniversity.com/)

Circle of Trust RV Family website (http://www.circleoftrustrvfamily.org)