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05-25-2011, 07:48 PM
We just broke in the new 370C this past weekend. Had a great time at one of our ATV races. Very nice to relax in the AC while 90 degrees outside.

But late Saturday night and three times throughout the night, the CO alarm would go off. I imagine it had to be the generator. We couldn't smell exhaust but something sure was making the alarm sound.

Any ideas? Yes, we'll take it back to the dealer if need be but if its an easy thing, I'd rather address it myself. We have another race in two weeks so we'll give it another chance.

05-26-2011, 07:46 AM
If you had any of the fans running in your ceiling vents, it would draw air in from anywhere it can. If you exhaust exits near where fresh air would be drawn in, you would get exhaust in the unit. It is alway best to try and get the exhaust away from the unit, a Gen-Turi exhaust extension works exceptionally well directing the exhaust above the roof line of you rig eliminating it getting inside yours or your neighbors rig.

01-18-2012, 05:04 PM

Had the same thing happen to me at July NASCAR races. After thinking it was a hoax (bad detector), we aired things out to have it happen again an hour later. We packed up & went home since we only lived 30 miles away. This was a good idea as we found many stories where people die each year in their RVs from CO problems.

The dealer added several inches of pipe to my exhaust, so that it extended 3+ inches beyond the ODS of our RV. We assumed all was well!

As a precaution, I added a 2nd CO detector in the Master Bedroom & a 3rd detector in the garage. Mostly just to rule out a bad detector.

Again in November, I was rudely awakened by the Master Bedroom CO detector, followed by the Living Room CO detector, and finally by the Garage CO detector - at 5AM! We were able to air things out & turn the generator off as it was November.

The dealer said he found an exhaust leak where the generator hooks into the exhaust pipe/manifold.

We hope all is OK now, as we have not had to run an extended time on generator only since this last repair.

What was the outcome of your issue - for the record?