View Full Version : Wyoming HOC June Newsletter

06-01-2011, 08:30 PM
Finally, the sun is out, after a month of rain here in Wyoming and Montana. That’s the good news….bad news… it’s in the 70’s now and snow pack is over 200%. I feel for the folks in the low lying areas but it will pass quickly.

We are starting to have some Heartland sightings here in our east gate town to Yellowstone. Some North Trails, a Big Country, a couple Big Horns and a Cyclone. Amy’s drive home from work takes her right by Ponderosa camp ground so I get daily updates.

We are leaving Wednesday for the Fort Collins, CO rally and looking forward to meeting everybody.

We will be planning our Wyoming fall rally later this month so, if anybody has any thoughts on location and dates please post them here. You surrounding states without chapters please feel free to contribute.

Safe travels and happy camping

Dave & Amy
& Tucker