View Full Version : Rushmore or Key Largo???

07-19-2011, 11:13 PM
I've been pretty much a lurker here for the past couple of years. The wife and I are pretty sure we are going to be trading RV's in the next couple of months. We are kind of stuck though. We like both the Rushmore and the Key Largo models. We, however, have been unable to see either in person yet. So all our viewing has been via the internet. We are workamping near Des Moines, Iowa this summer. If any of you have recommendations of dealers anywhere within about a 2 hour drive from Des Moines where we could go to see either or both of these models, we would be so appreciative.

Which model, Rushmore or Key Largo, do you prefer and why? Which do you own? If you would care to answer by private message, I'd love to converse with each of you about your units.

Thanks so much,
Joe Gilbert