View Full Version : advice for newbie? taking delivery of 182 MPG 8/5!

07-30-2011, 01:24 PM
After a lot of looking, hemming, & hawing, we bit the bullet and bought a 2011 182 mpg. I'll be picking it up this Friday. This is our first rv and its all new to us - if anyone has any tips/tricks/advice/hard-earned experience to share, we'd love to hear it!

In particular, any advice on picking up the trailer and things to look for doing the walk-thru would be greatly appreciated.

We are very excited (and a little nervous!)

07-30-2011, 01:45 PM
My best advise to you is when you pick it up be sure to do a thorough and complete walk-though. Check everything including water, sewer, all cabinets, doors and hookups. And ask questions. Make sure the AC and heater work and document any problems in writing. Be sure to get arrangements made for any needed repairs. Do not take the dealers word that they checked your unit. Once you leave their lot you may be at their mercy. And ask questions. Make sure they show you how to hook up and disconnect. It would be a great idea to videotape the walk-through because there is too much information to remember it all. Ask lots of questions and you operate things not them. Remember they should know how you do not. Open the awning. Look at the roof and under the unit. Make sure all caulking is in good condition. Check the lug nuts to be sure they are tight. And ask questions. Get a telephone number to call so you can call someone after you leave with anything that might come up. And by the way, did I mention to ask questions? Register as a Heartland Owner (join the Heartland Owners Club) and that will also give you a 10 per cent discount on any parts you order through Heartland. And then take pictures and make sure you have the owner's manuals for everything, as all of the appliances have their own manuals. And don't forget to ask plenty of questions. Then if at all possible spend the night in the unit either at the dealership or a closeby campground. Make a list of anything you find wrong or that you have a questions about. Remember you will find some things that need to be adjusted or fixed. That is normal. And after you finish asking questions, HAVE FUN and Congratulations...welcome to the Heartland Family.

08-01-2011, 08:42 PM
As Jim said, take your own notes. If you have them, take both a still camera and a video camera with you as the dealer does the PDI. The owner's manual that comes with the mpg isn't very helpful. All of the appliances have their own manuals, yes, but they can't possibly cover every installation, so you're on your own for some things. Get your dealer to show you where the water by-pass valves are. If possible, camp in the dealer's lot a night or two. You will have questions, and having someone close by can be a help.