View Full Version : Bearing and Seal Part Numbers

08-02-2011, 09:42 AM
I posted this on another tread and probably should have just started a new thread. So in case down the road somebody else is looking for bearing P/N info, here it is: How do you find correct part numbers for bearings and seals? We just got our 3100ES 5er in March and Id like to carry an extra set of wheel bearings and seal for it. I called the parts guy at my RV dealer and he told me to bring a hub in and hed try to match it up. I took the hub to him but he was unable to help me. Next I went to the local auto parts guy (Carquest I think). This fellow was able to cross reference the visible Chinese part numbers on the bearings and convert them into BCA (US manufacture?) part numbers. However, the seal only had visible numbers on the rubber, 22333TBN. And this didnt convert. At least not into anything he thought was correct. Without removing my seal does anybody have any ideas on how to obtain these numbers? Id hate to be doing this 800 miles from home.
Fast forward 30 minutes: Looks like I found the seal part number. AP Products P/N 014-122088. I looked at Lipperts site and couldn't find it. The AP Products site was alot easier for me to use. You just need to know what your axel GAWR is. All my axel info is on a sticker on the aft axel. Here's the site I used.
Getting these parts sure isnt as easy as stopping by the RV dealer and telling them you want wheel bearings and a seal for a 2011 3100ES. I cant imagine trying to do this out on the road. Anybody else have a reliable way of finding these numbers?