View Full Version : 5th Wheel Covers-ease of use?

09-03-2011, 03:24 PM
I've browsed the threads regarding 5th Wheel covers pro & con, but haven't found anything about ease of use. How difficult are they to install/remove? Do you have to get on the roof to do so? Is it a 2 person job? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

09-03-2011, 04:23 PM
From what I have been told it is a two man job and yes someone has to get up on top.

09-03-2011, 06:06 PM
Mark can do it by himself and the hard part is getting the cover up on the roof to spread out. If youmfolded it right when you took it off, youmjust have to do the reverse to put it back on. He comes in really tired and hot by the time he gets it done. Lol


09-04-2011, 08:12 AM
I have been using one for the past 6 years. Usually I have the wife help because two people make it easier but I have done it by myself also. If going at alone you will need some patients to getting it up on the roof and unrolling it the correct direction. Once that is done the easy part of draping it over the sides and centering it for the best fit. Once open and sides dropped its just fasten the straps and your all done.

09-21-2011, 08:29 PM
It's not too hard. To get it up on the roof I use a hand crank sold by ADCO, mine came with my cover. The trick to it is when you take the cover off. You have to remember if when you were done rolling it the last part was the front or the back. I always put a piece of paper to remind me. Even though I roll it the same way for the past several years. Yes, you do have to get up on the roof. By the way, be careful when removing it. If its windy, DON'T STAND UP with it while you are on the roof. Because it may take you for a ride, just like a parachute. I almost fell off my 5er thinking I could hold it down, like when I went to jump school 22 years ago. Not good.:eek:

09-22-2011, 07:08 PM
I usually put ours on by myself – not very difficult.

Our cover has “front” and “rear” labels sewn on it.

I spread the cover out in front of our RV with the rear of the cover closest to the front of the RV, tie a rope to the rear of the cover and throw the rope up onto the roof, climb the ladder up onto the roof, slowly pull the cover up and across the roof, spread the cover over the sides, climb down the ladder and secure the cover tie straps.

The DW usually helps with removal – the hardest part is folding it up and getting it back into the storage bag…..

09-22-2011, 07:33 PM
I am not the most experienced person for giving you advice because I only recently purchased and installed my cover for the first time.

That being said let me tell you of my experience.

My Adco cover from Camping World also came with a hand crank.

I set about installing my cover by myself.

Firstly, I looked at the cover when I took it out of the box and quickly determined that I had no idea as to how Adco had rolled it up ie. if I took the packed cover up to the roof and started to unroll it, what would be the result.

So I unrolled the cover in my drivewayand rerolled it up in a manner that would allow me to take the rolled cover to the front of the RV and unroll it while walking on the roof of the RV to the back.

My second word of advice is when you repack the cover to leave about three feet or so of the wrapping rope as a handle which you can use to lift the cover up on to the roof as the crank will only lift the wrapped cover up to the level of the roof and having the extra length makes bringing the cover the final three fee that much easier.

Now you take the rolled cover to the front of the RV and begin unrolling it while throwing it over the edges while walking to the back of the RV.

All in all, it was a fairly easy one person installation and it will go even faster next year as each of the straps have now been adjusted to the proper length and I also know where to put extra padding for sharp corners.