View Full Version : ATF: North Country - Sliding Doors fall off track

11-06-2011, 09:04 AM
First, we LOVE our trailer! Second, there is a small irritation-the two sliding doors from the living room into the bedroom fall off their tracks when we are on the road. We are always careful to snap the plastic strap to the doors before we close up and head out, but one or both of the doors usually fall off the little brass pin that slides along the ceiling track. I have been able to force the pin back into it's matching brass slot, and turn the white plastic arm across the slot to capture the pin, but it is difficult, and I have had to do it so many times that I'm writing to ask for help.
We have not ever gone off road, and this usually happens even if we just drive 40 miles on the interstate and 3 miles on city streets to get home from a weekend at the RV park. Can you help?

12-27-2011, 10:34 AM
I too have the same issue but ours happens in the back bedroom. In my case there is a little white piece near the floor that helps guide the door. I did adjust this to see it will help. I have yet to travel more than a few miles since so I have not tested this. My next idea I will try is too use a door stop on each side of the door. The old triangle shaped kind on each side of the door to keep it from swinging up and down. Good luck and keep me posted if you come up with a better fix.

12-27-2011, 03:01 PM
If the door track is installed correctly, there should be a screw somewhere near the end of the track that keeps the door from going off the track when it is all the way open. Make sure the screw is doing its job. Then what my DW does is takes one of those compression type curtain rods, adjusts it so it fits tightly between the open door and the wall. We found that there is enough play in the plastic strap to still let the door bounce off the track, but the curtain rod fix eliminates the play. The rod is one of those round spring loaded rods that you can adjust the length on. They are a couple of bucks in Walmart. When we stop, DW just stashes the rod in a drawer or cupboard some where out of the way. When the door did bounce off I found that it was easier just to take out the stop screw and slide the whole thing off the track, fix the slider and slide the whole thing back on and replace the stop screw.