View Full Version : Water Dispenser Line

11-06-2011, 05:10 PM
Our RM1350 will not dispense water. I thought that we had another bad solenoid valve until we came to winterize it and found that the tank didn't drain to the outside when the line was disconnected from the solenoid valve. We also could not blow any air through the line either way. I removed the tank to drain it, so I'm winterized OK.

I tried feeding some wire through the line to check for obstructions and it came to a hard stop about 2 feet in. When trying from the fridge side, the wire only went a few inches. I wonder if there is an elbow at the back of the fridge where the line enters. The entry point is inaccessible with the fridge in. If anyone has had the same problem or has had their RM1350 out and can remember the tubing arrangement, perhaps they could let me know.

It looks as it the fridge will have to come out. However as we are living in the trailer, its a little cold to do this now. I can do this when we get down to Texas, but I'd like to know what to expect with regard to the arrangement.