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06-11-2007, 04:37 PM
I have been looking for a Sundance fifth wheel trailer and only 1 dealer sells the Sundance line in my area. I happened to come across the name of a dealer who sells through the Internet and I can save about $15,000. Even if my travel expenses (1800 miles one way and cross border) cost me about $1000 I can still save a lot of money. Have any Heartland owners purchased over the Internet? Would you do it again? Have you had any issues with service?

Sorry if this topic has been beat to death previously but a quick search of the words internet and dealer using the forum search engine didn't have many helpful results. If I have violated any rules, please let me know.

Bill K.

06-11-2007, 05:16 PM
Hey Billy - welcome to the forum. Yes, you will hear from others who have bought from Internet advertisers (RVsForLess, Lakeshore RV, Hartland RV Outlet and more). Most do pretty well price wise. You just need to determine who/how you will be serviced. Many dealer's service departments don't care where you bought it. Warranty reimbursement work if good money. But a lot of dealers and their service departments will not be so kind and may put you to the back of the line for a service appointment. With a new rig, there will be some bugs to work out - always is. Keep this in mind. If you do buy south of your border, plan to camp in the lower 48 for a while, then hit a dealer or service center for any warranty items before you head back north.

Bear in mind also, the CSA requirements. Heartland does offer CSA units - dealer just has to order it that way for you.

You came to the right place for your questions and I'd expect you'll get a lot more input.

Best of luck.


06-11-2007, 06:46 PM
I live in Amherstburg ON near Windsor I purchased in Michigan with and internet dealer. (Lakeshore) I was able to drive there to talk to them ( 4 hour drive). John was very knowledgeable. He sells to a lot to people who do not return for service. However once he had our money we both felt it was Wayne & Gayle Who and the serivce issues on delivery were not done. The Company Heartland is GREAT ! they bend over backwards to help you. We returned Last night from the Rally in Goshen IN and were treated very well and hand a wonderful time. When we Imported the trailer at the Amassador bridge in Windsor we had a problem with Canada Customs even thougth we ordered it with CSA. The problem was Candada Customs did not know what they were doing. RIV tied up our trailer for about 10 Days. In the end everything worked out and we Love our BH 3400RL. We saved a lot of money also and if I had to do it again we would still purchase in US. Any border issues are just a hassle but no reason to stop the purchase. In our area there are no Heartland dealers. Hoping to get some soon for service. WE have the usual new trailer issues.
Good luck and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

06-15-2007, 05:02 PM
We live in Michigan and bought our Landmark from a dealer in southern Ohio. Saved about $15000 and had no problem getting service from local dealer. The factory has also been great with their support.

06-16-2007, 11:40 AM
We ordered a Big Horn 3400RL from RV Price Busters in Ohio. We are waiting for a firm availibility date so we can head to Ohio to pick it up.

We did order the CSA option so we hope that this eliminates any hassles.

We have been corresponding with a person in Red Deer who recently purchased from a dealer in Montana. Based on his experience, it sounds like the process is quite simple:
*dealer provides 30 day travel plates for the unit
*dealer provides a bill of sale paperwork with vehicle VIN #
*have the manufacturer provide a letter stating that there are no recalls on the unit
*at the border fill in forms & pay the tax (GST only for Albertans) - takes about 1-2 hours
*there might be a requirement to have a Canadian inspection - this can be done by Canadian Tire for $150-200. I'm hoping that the CSA option allows me to avoid this.


06-16-2007, 01:50 PM
I am a firm believer in buying locally. But! FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! The local dealer is doing a real hose job unless there are some expenses I am not aware off. RV price busters gave me the best price but that was after I already purchased. Didn't know about them at the time. My local dealer quit selling them and the new dealer is owned by the same folks that own Camping World so I am not so sure I wouldn't make the trip to save some bucks any way. Plus I am pretty sure I can fix most of the known problems myself anyway. :) Well for 15 grand I KNOW I can!

06-16-2007, 04:09 PM
you also have to info US Customs 3 working days before exporting the unit to Canada, and I believe you can not bypass Canadian tire check
Good Luck

06-16-2007, 04:09 PM
Re posting # 5 CSA Avoiding the inspection at Canadian Tire trough Registrar for Imported Vehicles.
I have friends who have imported with the CSA and did not have to have inspection.
I took the route hit a Canadian Customs Officer who said he never heard of that ( it is right on section B for form 1 for transport Canada.)
As this officer did not know what he was doing I had to go thought the RIV so I paid twice. The CT doing the test said It was a waste of time. All they checked was the sticker Axle weights and that the tires were all the same size and make.
It is good to have the csa sticker for Insurance purposes.
Please let me know how you make out.
Good Luck
It is still good to get CSA for Canadian insurance.