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MD Buck
04-14-2012, 05:02 PM
Has anyone removed an icemaker from a RM3762 refrigerator and can give me instructions on how to remove one?

04-14-2012, 05:42 PM
I have removed my ice maker from my Dometic RM3962. Might be similar

There were 3 screws on the front plate underneath the icemaker (angle plate), an electrical connector in the back (4 prong) . The removed screws go back into the same holes.

I pushed the electrical connector back, leaving the end just inside the freezer compartment and re-compressed the putty around the water line and electrical connector.

Hope this helps.

Remember to winterize the icemaker before removing to ensure all the water is out of the line and solenoid, should you ever reinstall the icemaker. Instructions to winterize (with air) are in the owners manual. Link to Instructions Here (http://www.heartlandrvs.com/index.php?p=10).

Here is a thread about the winterizing as well. (//heartlandowners.org/showthread.php/12459-winterize-ice-maker)