View Full Version : ATF: North Country - Water damage on new trailer

05-14-2012, 11:03 PM
We have had our North Country Trail Runner 26FQB out for two weekends now and last friday (may 11) a pretty good rain storm went over our trailer while we were not there.
I watched it on the radar and when we arived at the unit later that day it had rained pretty good by the look of things.
We had a dog bed that is about 3ftX3ft on the floor in the trailer and when we moved it it was just dripping water as if we had dunked it into the lake.
Upon further inspection I was able to determin the water did not come from above as one would suspect.
It came in through the cargo door opening on the door side , I found that there is a screw hole through the frame left open and not sealed. It is hidden by the weather stripping but quite obvious when you lift it up a little.
Now there is a lot of water damaged panel that I can see looking into the storage compartment along with the light frame work being soaked.
This leads me to believe the interior wall is also damaged but we are not able to see the raw side to confirm this.
Now we would like to know how this type thing is handled by our waranty and our dealer , do they need to replace the panels and wood frame now , possibly a section of wall also?
I have not been to our local dealer yet to discuss this yet but I know I will be there later tomorrow morning.
Our season is short enough and we do not want to lose out by having the trailer in for repairs for weeks.

05-16-2012, 07:13 AM
Update: so far the dealer says "bring it in asap" and we will get you in right away. Very good service department manager there , everyone seemed genuinely concerned about the issue