View Full Version : Trailair pinbox with Firestone airbags overkill??

07-11-2007, 09:46 AM
I'm planning to put airbags on the truck (07 CTD 3500 Dually) and I'm wondering if I should put a Trailair pin box or the MorRyde pin box? Will I get the best of both worlds with airbags and a MorRyde. I've read that Trailair is coming out with a new Pin that is going to have a MorRyde type rubber deal incorporated in with their normal air ride pin box. Anyone hear new on this???
Would I be wasting money on air bags and a Trailair?
Anyone have any of these setups?

07-11-2007, 10:14 AM

Not speaking from experience, but from what I have read of the experience of others, an air ride system coupled with a rubber equalization type pin box yields great results. In my mind, the air ride smooths out the up and down motion from the road and the rubber equalization pin box smooths out the back and forth chucking from the road.

Others will weigh in on this great question.


07-11-2007, 10:36 AM
At the 2006 Rally, I talked with the TrailAir representative who mentioned the "new" pin box that was supposed to handle both the chucking and the up and down travel, but when the latest one came out, it only handled the chucking. I have the older model that handles the up and down. Will there finally be a third one? If so, will it retrofit the old pin boxes? I think mine was about $700 as only the Lippert came on my 2006 BH.

Chucking is a problem with mine. I should have gone with MorRyde, I guess.

07-11-2007, 11:16 AM
Hi Country,
I have a 04 GMC 3500 CC Dually. I have both Trailair Pin box and Firestone Riderite air bags. I orginally put the Trailair box on and it greatly improved the ride, but still had a lot of chucking, Trailair sent me another air bag for it, and it improved the chucking somewhat. Don't ask me why or how, but it did help some, at least the chucking that is left is tolorable. I was still getting a harsh bounce, banging or ride when hitting a bump or rough places in the road. With my 5er loaded and ready for the road, my truck was not touching the overload springs. It was about 1/2 to 1" from the overload spring brackets, so that when I hit the rough places, dips and such, I contacted the overloads and got a harsh bump. I installed the Firestone riderites and then I removed the overload spring brackets from the frame, easier than removing springs and changing "U" bolts. Now I carry about 25-30 lbs. air presure when loaded with 5er and I don't get the harsh banging and noise when hitting the bad spots in the road. The Ride rites are now my overloads. It still rides like it has 2700# in the bed, plus extra 60 gal fuel tank, but that is a fact, I do have that much in the bed. But the ride is greatly improved. Well worth the change to us.

Edit: Forgot to mention that our Bighorn 3055RL does have Equaflex Suppension also, which I beleive is standard on the newer units.

07-11-2007, 02:47 PM

I had Firestone Ride Rite bags on my GMC, coupled with the MorRyde pin box. I now have the Link UltraRide suspension and the MorRyde pin box. It is a great combination and almost eliminates the chucking and the air ride takes care of the up and down. I ran about 35 psi in my Firestone bags when towing and about 5 psi not towing. That worked best for me.


07-12-2007, 08:12 AM
Thanks all! That gives me a lot more to go on.

Dang John, that Link system looks real fancy. I bet it does a great job!

04-12-2008, 09:33 PM
I purchased a BH 1 year ago. I have the duraflex suspension and the trailair pin box. After taking ownership and driving my 1st 100 miles I was in shock and dismay with the horrible ride we were experiencing. I didn't know what chucking was (the back and forward-push-pull of the rigs on the road) but know what it is now. I called the dealer that day, but they did not know what was happening and their call to Heartland didn't get an answer. I was frantic..I called my brother-in-law who ownes a Landmark and he said to stop, unhook and place the hitch at the highest level . To our delight, the chucking and the hard hitting "pot holes" lessened , at lease to be acceptable. Concrete roads still have a severe affect on chucking. What we thought we had done is transfer more tongue weight to the rear. What I would like to know is...was this what we accomplished? We still experience a lot of chucking but have no more height ajustment on the hitch. Reading some of the forum postings, I was curious when someone said the position of the axle's on the frame can make a difference in ride. I have a 5.5 onan generator in the basement which adds weight, can the extra weight cause any of my chucking problems? Would adding air bags or hd shocks help. Thanks for any help.

04-12-2008, 10:25 PM

Be sure that you are towing the trailer as close to level as you can. By raising the hitch to the highest level of adjustment to reduce the chucking, it's possible that you are towing "nose high". If so, then you may be transferring too much weight to the rear axle.

I suggest you get an axle by axle weight in your towing configuration. If you find that you are exceeding your axle capacity and/or the sum of the two rear axle tires capacity, you could have an issue with tread wear for one and potential tire failure - worst case.

Road chucking is a fact of life in many 5er towing applications. Many RVers with various brands of RVs report marked improvements in reduced chucking through use of the Mor/ryde pin box as it seems best suited to counter act the push-pull action of chucking due to waves in the road and expansion joints etc.

Delaine and Lindy
04-12-2008, 10:44 PM
I had the Trailer Saver Air ride hitch and the Mor/Ryde pin box and suspension and had no chucking at all and the Truck was a 3500 1 ton DRW's. Then we went to a Chevy Kodiak 4500 with the Link Air ride suspension and air ride seats with the above T.S. hitch and Mor/Ryde equipment. We still didn't have any chucking. The best ride over the concrete dividers was the air ride seats. The best thing about the Link air ride was the ability the Truck had to raise and lower the rear of the Truck about 5", Link called it kneeling. If I didn't have a need to pull a Gooseneck equipment trailer and the the expensive cost of the Trailer Saver hitch I would go again for the Trailer Saver over the Link Air ride hitch. Talk to almost anyone who has pulled a 5th wheel with the Trailer Saver and I think they will say the T.S. is about the best Air ride hitch. I think Mor/Ride is awesome equipment also. You can also have the Link Air ride suspension on a Chevy 3500 1 ton dually. I now have the Trailair pin box with the Trailair equaflex suspension, haven't towed enough to have a good opinion yet. Good Luck... GBY...