View Full Version : Thank you Volunteers - Gillette Rally

06-11-2012, 12:03 AM
The rally starts in 4 days and already, we've had some HUGE volunteer efforts. Before things really get busy, I want to take a moment to recognize the efforts of our Club Manager and our Volunteer Leads.

Donna Markey did a lot of legwork researching and arranging our Heartland Gives Back initiative. We'll make a difference in Gillette. Thanks Donna!

Dave Hromek put in some time a month ago on a Rally Bag plan and executed that plan with a team of many volunteers last Friday. Thanks Dave and team!

Kathy Adams has put a lot of time in, creating our Heartland Marketplace (vendor hall) booth layout plan and Kathy and Ken will spend a half day Tuesday physically getting it all laid out. Thanks Kathy and Ken!

Kevin and Nelly Wolbeck have put a lot of time in, coming up with a check-in and parking plan, then constituting a team of awesome volunteers that have really been getting the job done. Thank you Wolbecks and team!

Al Larson has done a great job managing all of the golf carts for staff, service and rentals, getting carts issued and delivered. Thank you Al!

Teresa Mitchell has put time in, coming up with some rally hall decorations on a teeny budget. She showed me a sample of what her and her core team came up with today. Nice! Thank you Teresa and the rest of the gals that are helping you out this Tuesday!

Dave Yocum has spent months receiving and reviewing Service Requests and working with Heartland to get them approved. Huge job! Thank you Dave!

Donna Larson is working to build a team of workers to manage the Potluck for Thursday. Thank you in advance, Donna and the rest of the Potluck team!

Dave Tardiff, our Wyoming Chapter Leader and host / co-wagonmaster for this rally has really jumped in and done anything that needed to be done. Thank you Dave for being the host for this year's North American Heartland Owners Rally and doing anything you can to help make it a success!

Terry Hershberger has gone completely through the audio, video and facility requirements and will ensure we have sound and video when and where we need it this week.

Nancy Beletti has spent a lot of time working with attendees to put together the Leisure Time Activities schedule. Amy Tardiff will be assisting Nancy in keeping things running smoothly this week. Thank you Nancy, Amy and the LTA team!

Julie Hancock, your Club Manager has tirelessly worked behind the scenes for months, helping me plan this rally and she is here on-site, helping me execute it. Julie - you're the best - thank you!

Finally, to all the individual contributors to all the above teams, you guys are really appreciated by me, by Heartland and by your fellow rally attendees. Thank you!