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07-20-2007, 06:48 AM
We are no longer looking at the Big Horn. We pulled our new little house, 3400RL, back to the RV park two days ago. Now we are moving stuff in and around. No real problems. Just a matter of getting use to the different things. Towing was much easier than I thought. We use the Sam Huston Toll Road. The rig looks so big I wasn't sure I could get through the toll booth but, with cash in hand we slip on through.
I do have a question about the TV. The park has cable and we have yet to get the TV to work with the cable. TV works off air and DVD's. A couple of old people with 3 remotes in hand are having trouble understanding just what we are doing with the menu.

07-20-2007, 06:58 AM

Couple of tips on using the TV for cable:

Since the TV worked with the antenna for off-air channels, you know you have signal continuity from the RF switch box to the TV set.

1. Check the power button on the RF switch box. It should be in the OFF position for watching Cable. This turns off the Antenna amplifier and works better OFF for Cable.

2. Switch the RF switch box to AUX. This switches you from the Antenna signal to the Cable signal.

3. On the TV's remote, using the Menu button, look for Setup and select CABLE. This puts your TV tuner into Cable mode for the Cable TV frequency plan.*

3. From that same Setup menu, look for a Search option that starts the TV set to search for cable channels. Once it is done, hit Exit or Menu again.*

4. Make sure you hook the park's cable TV line to the Cable input on the outside of the coach and not to the Satellite inputs.

*The actual TV buttons and menu selections may vary from mfr to mfr so I am being a bit generic

Good luck!


07-20-2007, 09:23 AM
Make sure the cables in the Bighorn are OK. Mine was a night-mare. They had to pull all new cables trough mine. (they left the old cables in. I feel sorry for the next owner! :( ) Easy way to check is to make sure there is no continuity between the center wire and the outside ground. Can be checked with a cheap continuity tester or multi-meter. If there is continuity you may get by changing the cable ends. If you are real lucky the first end will do the trick.