View Full Version : Garage Electrical sockets 2013 3010 Cyclone/little diamond plate

06-28-2012, 06:42 AM
Just purchased a 2013 Cyclone 3010. Will not pick it up till August. Driving first from my place in Florida in July, to my place in texas, to pick up new Tow Vehicle, get it set up and then driving to Michigan.

So have to live off the photos. Does not appear to be any lower wall sockets in garage... for hooking up trickle charger to Motocycle or tools, or a small12v/110volt frige freezer off my old sport fisherman(cooler size).... or a small electrical heater.

Is that correct? I guess a line could be run down the outside of the interior wall from an existing connection such as TV .. wish they would have planned for such a socket and a separate fused line...

Has any one else had any problems with the skimpest amt of diamond plating on the walls in the industry? It seems they came up with just enough as a check off item on the sale/feature list and not enough to do the job well... Its one of those thing you would gladly pay 100 bucks more for another 6" inches.


06-28-2012, 07:03 AM
I have a 2010 Cyclone 3010 and you are correct there are no lower outlets in the Garage. This is one of my planned modifications for that space. getting into the outside walls will prove to be difficult and possibly impracticable since they are solid foam. My Plan is to add one to the interior wall on the Door side ( under the TV space ) and on the ODS in a surface mounted box up off the floor with conduit down through the floor. Both of these Runs are going to come up from under the belly with the one on the door side using the dead space behind the Kitchen cabinets to get to the back side of the wall.

As far as the Diamond Plate goes - my 2010 has the taller Wall plate ... and I agree it looks better than the newer rigs ...


06-28-2012, 10:23 AM
There should be one outlet in the overhead cabinets. I use a short extension cord with that to run my cooler and or ice maker.

I also have a 12 volt port near the garage floor for the any cigar lighter adapters, which my electric cooler has.

Since the panel box has space in it I added a 20 amp circuit from the panel to the garage. This wire is run under the trailer, above the Coro-plast, in conduit.
This is terminated on the wall, next to the sliding door, on the door side.

I will eventually be adding to this. I have been keeping the cooler at times next to the door, with the wire running by the door. Don't like this, so I need another outlet.
Why I just didn't put outlets on each side and in the middle when I did this originally is ...................... I guess my original thought was that this was going to be a portable heater circuit only.

Its hard to have too many outlets in an RV, especially this model.